Zanaboni Edizioni. New codes and authorial spaces

The new conceptual grammar of the modern brand Zanaboni Edizioni attracts textures, reflections and contrasting materials to convey atmospheres that adapt to all needs and lifestyles

Blanca by Zanaboni Edizioni
Blanca by Zanaboni Edizioni

Zanaboni updates the concept of bien vivre by wagering on classic parameters of harmony and expressive refinement, the values of a solid company with extraordinary manufacturing prowess, along with the bold creative freedom of brilliant architects who are highly acclaimed on a national and international level.

Precisely this design synergy – involving names like Studio Mamo, Marco Cocco, Stefano Bettio, Andrea Borgogni, Castello Lagravinese Studio – has led to the new modern brand Zanaboni Edizioni, with the aim of combining and reinterpreting classic and modern styling, with an innovative approach that does not overlook history, formulating an art of living through furnishings and complements in which design, style, materials, novel workmanship and a sartorial attitude establish new aesthetic codes. (Discover the brochure)

The modern and contemporary collections for the living area, dining room and bedroom, are more linear, conserving a certain richness of details, fine materials and innovative techniques, harmoniously blended to create unique models.


Discovery armchair, Babylon small table & Presence cabinet by Zanaboni Edizioni

From comfortable modular seating designed by Andrea Borgogni (the Blanca chair, with a contrasting grosgrain border and a visible structure in solid ash wood, stained black), to all the items created by Studio Mamo: the vivacious and elegant set of tables and ottomans Babylon, Good Times and Playground; and the precious Presence sideboard whose original alternation of smooth and textured panels is combined with parts in polished and bronze-plated brass.
The models for dual outdoor-indoor use include the light, lively Discovery seating, which stands out for its forceful expressive impact and compositional weave: a solid structure in natural manao, with helical technical fiber cords on a base of bronze-finished metal.

Divano Sahara

Sahara sofa by Zanaboni Edizioni

The locations of design

The stylistic evolutions approached by the company in recent years set Zanaboni Edizioni apart; they were presented during the recent Supersalone 2021 – under the aegis of the Salone del Mobile in Milan – inside the new Meda showroom (curated by Studio Mamo), opened for the first time precisely for the occasion.

The window displays of the flagship store Zanaboni Art & Design Gallery (emotional space curated by Studio Mamo for Zanaboni) in Milan, on Via Fatebenefratelli, also continue to sparkle with original tableaux and the latest new products. An evocative space at the gates of Brera, for a glorious fusion of culture, history, art and architecture, always ready to renew its settings with eclectic, original combinations of the brand’s offerings and the works of international artists.

Visitors could also enjoy a seductive mise en scène of the brand’s most creative pieces, during the event produced in the authentic context of the Barber Factory Club, in Zona Tortona (Concept Project and interiors Studio Mamo), during the days of this latest design week in Milan.

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Corporate Showroom, Meda

Showroom Milano

Flagship Store Zanaboni Art & Design Gallery, Milan