Design of the future

The 24 HOURS tour of IFDM lets you discover new offerings from the exhibitors on hand at M&O. The companies responded to the request of the organizers: "To explore the future!"

Miami by WallPepper
Miami by WallPepper

Maison&Objet is one of the design fairs with the most variegated and complete offerings. The exhibitors responded to the urgings of the organizers this year, keeping an eye on the future. The future to explore is that of generations Y and Z, the youngest consumers, and the theme of inspiration for the next two appointments will be (Re)Generation, interpreted through different approaches and virtuous, sustainable lifestyles.


The 24 HOURS tour of IFDM starts with the interior design and outdoor sectors: two worlds that until a few years ago were distant, but now are actually blurring together (represented here by two cutting-edge companies like Paolo Castelli and Ethimo). Then we continue with the world of bath furnishings, displaying a contemporary but refined style in 2020, and the world of luxury.


Hall 11.1 | Stand F039 E038

Strong and Panic room has a weight per square meter below 550 kgs, and this allows the structure to be assembled in any building, new or existing. The proposed version occupies 12 square meters, but it can be fully customized in terms of materials and size. Steel walls guarantee full protection, cork isolates your voices into the room, and the careful sealings protect from gas attacks.


Hall 3.2 | Stand D031 D039

2020 is a year of experimentation and exploration of new languages for the company, which introduces a new excellent collaboration with Marcante-Testa study, resulting in a new collection: Frieze. Featuring three washbasins Frieze One High, Frieze One Low and Frieze Two Lined, along with various accessories, it offers a very versatile system both spatially and stylistically.


Hall 7 | Stand D2

M&O is the perfect showcase for GreenKiss, whose name contains the basics of the collection’s concept: sustainability and a positive gesture that invites all of us to take part. Created in collaboration with Thierry Lemaire and Hubert de Malherbe, the line includes tables, seating and lighting, linking back to the Italian and French design of the 1950s and 1970s.


Hall 6 — Stand M84 O83

Knit, the collection resulting from collaboration with Patrick Norguet in 2015, has become a true Ethimo outdoor style icon and it now sees the addition of two new elements with extraordinarily welcoming lines: a comfortable sofa and a cosy armchair. These two new outdoor creations in fact respect the characteristic ‘genetic matrix’ of the wider collection, interpreted by the union of natural or pickled teak used for the structure with the woven rope of the seat.


Hall 6 | Stand J112

The Spicchio mirror collection brings elegance and energy to the theatrical scene of the bathroom space. Magical play on the reflecting surface and ambiguity created by the perspective effect and on the relationship between geometry and dimensions. The dialogue with the elements and volumes that make up the bathroom environment Spicchio acts as a background for the daily rituals that are consumed in the room. A friendly element, which apart from its primary function for which it is installed, multiplies the perspectives, expands the space, enhances the design and the hierarchical relationships between the volumes.


Brands are paying close attention to detailing and aesthetics, when it comes to coverings and surfaces. It is also fascinating to see how companies put the spotlight on their products, like Antolini which has found a very interesting way to display Port Black. There are also wallpapers made with advanced technology, combining good looks with unprecedented durability.


Hall 8 | Stand A19

The French event on furniture and decor welcomes the Gold Leaf and Antique Gold supports. The wallpapers of the Florentine brand add vivid retro elegance to successful motifs created by the designers Vito Nesta, Francesca Greco and Nina Farré. The distinctive characteristics? The classic and contemporary style of the Wallpaper Collection, and the color gold.


Hall 6 | Stand O57

WallPepper®Acoustic is an innovative sound-absorbing and sound-insulating product, designed to add to the decorative strength also a noticeable improvement in the acoustic well-being of the rooms, applicable both to walls and ceilings. The system consists of special 3 mm thick woven fiberglass sheets, from ready-to-use paste glue and the two-component protective WallSilk® CAT.


Hall 8 | Stand B1 C2

The renowned designer Alessandro La Spada was called in to design the installation made with the new Port Black natural stone. Vibrant and impetuous at the same time, this marble is perfect for a metropolitan style, without sacrificing the distinctive factors of elegance paced by the alternation of black and white.


The Parisian fair doesn’t just pay attention to accessories and decorations – it makes them a central focus. Visitors in search of the ‘wow’ factor won’t be disappointed. Craftsmanship and quality materials are rounded out with a pinch of folly: which allows us to dream.


Hall 6 | Stand L16 M15

The company will present the new undyed colors of the Bliss series by Mae Engelgeer and Super Fake Hot by Bethan Laura Wood, for the first time in Europe. These new developments are joined by Plissé, the new design by Cristina Celestino, and Chand, a carpet created by the cc-tapis design lab.


Spazio Leclaireur, 10 di rue Hérold

The Florentine maison launches its new collections at the Leclaireur concept store. A path inspired by the four natural elements (water, earth, fire and air), designed by EligoStudio and conceived to enhance Ether, the new decoration created by the French designer Constance Guisset, the Totem series that can be personalized with the new Gatto symbol, and the Voliére collection, including new art de la table proposals.


Hall 6 | Stand J16 K15

The company with Linea Pixled (design by Selab) has reimagined one of its best loved and most significant lighting ranges. The minimalism of the Linea lamp has evolved, using geometrical and coloured patterns to transform its design: thanks to the new pixelated and multicolour surfaces, the simple LED tubes become both illumination and decorative objects in op-art style.