Riflessi, squaring the circle

Square is the first table by Riflessi with a patented top, and a barrel shape that is a cross between the square and the circle, exploiting the advantages of both forms

Riflessi has patented a top for the Square table that has the ‘classic’ surface of a squared dining table, but without sharp corners, making it safer for children. The new creation of the company is that of the wooden tops with a thickness of 20 mm, made with sunburst wood veneer with natural grain, obtained by working with certified wood taken from forests managed with strict environmental, social and economic standards.

The available finishes are Canaletto Walnut and Heat-treated Coke Oak, as well as other elegant matte finishes in ceramic for a ‘marble effect,’ resistant to scratching and impact, suitable for domestic spaces where comfort, functional quality and style are indispensable factors. The table used as a kitchen island or worktop rests on the Shangai base and is offered in a fixed version with sides of 100 cm, and an extensible version – using practical central inserts – to reach a length of 150 cm.