“The wood is so perfectly crafted that it becomes irresistible to the touch: you never want to stop caressing it, because it conveys a marvelous, sensual sensation of softness and sophisticated elegance,” says the architect Carlo Colombo, talking about the new Aldìa outdoor collection created for Giorgetti. A complete system of furnishings for both outdoor and indoor use, with modular sofas and poufs, tables, coffee tables, chairs and armchairs, to personalize space, generating atmosphere and intense sensory experience.

Aldìa armchair by Giorgetti, Design Carlo Colombo

A family of products that extends Giorgetti’s exploration of the outdoor world, in furnishings where noble materials are enhanced by fine detailing and unique workmanship, producing sinuous and architectural forms. The wood is layered, pantographed and crafted by hand, seeming to be polished by wind. The textile coverings spread warm hues of Caribbean sunsets, while the tops of the tables made with fragments of marble and stone suggest an ancestral rapport with nature.

Aldìa armchair by Giorgetti, Design Carlo Colombo
Aldìa sofa by Giorgetti, Design Carlo Colombo

“I wanted this first outdoor project for Giorgetti to be something special both for me and for the company,” Colombo continues. “With the game of asymmetrical windows in the structure of the seats, I have translated my idea of architecture onto a micro-scale; I’ve added a touch of irony to convey a sense of pleasure for people who establish a relationship with these pieces. I also worked on the theme of memory, which Giorgetti has taken forward for over 120 years, with its extraordinary ability to shape wood by hand. Every piece in the collection is unique and contains a precious heritage: the humanity of the people who make it, with passion and dedication.”

Eye-catching details include the sculptural back of the seats in birch plywood, available with a natural finish or in the pale gray version; the tables with tops in the Palladiana version, formed by different sized fragments of walnut travertine marble and embedded in a mixture of marble dust grit or by fine grift in tuff and limestone variations; the versatility of the modules of the sofa, which can also be used as ottomans, grouped in different configurations. Refined but also sturdy elements that stand up to weathering and UV rays, like the cushions covered in removable waterproof fabric.

Aldìa table by Giorgetti, Design Carlo Colombo
Aldìa small tables by Giorgetti, Design Carlo Colombo

“We are very proud to present Aldìa, the first outdoor collection created by Carlo Colombo for Giorgetti,” says Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of Giorgetti Group. “We have a long-term relationship of collaboration with this architect, based on clear affinities of outlook. Thanks to his expertise, also as an architect, his knowledge of foreign markets and the contract sector and his extraordinary creative flair, we have always been able to generate very successful families of products: I am certain that this will be yet another success.”