Walking on the Chirico carpet by Illulian means entering a surreal vision of classical architecture. The London-based architect and artist Charlotte Taylor takes her inspiration from the buildings of Ricardo Bofill, Xavier Corberó and Richard England to create a complex, otherworldly space on the soft surface of the rug, prompting the observer to discover a third dimensional in an otherwise two-dimensional surface. The effect is also sustained by the delicate chromatic choices, masterfully applied. Two qualities are available – Gold 100 in wool and silk, and Platinum 120 which is the most exclusive line, featuring the use of wool and silk of the highest quality, spun by hand with extremely complex workmanship that generates very striking ‘sculpted’ effects.

The custom-made service, a strong point of the brand, makes it possible to have an absolutely bespoke carpet, choosing colors, designs and measurements. Also for this reason, the rugs are ideal for any situation, from residences to contract projects, but also museums, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and solutions for the nautical sector.

Chirico is part of Limited Edition, the exclusive line created thanks to collaboration with artists, to create intriguing contaminations of design with other fields such as graphics, architecture, sculpture, fashion, photography and television.

Chirico by Illulian, Design Charlotte Taylor