An event to talk about Luxury Rentals

LUXRE is an innovative digital project to bring out the hot topics of a sector with turnover of 250 million euros

The luxury rental market represents the top of the pyramid of the vacation rental sector in Italy. An economic sector with a real estate value of over 6 billion euros, and an annual turnover of over 250 million euros in reservations alone.

These are the results of a study conducted by LUXRE – The Luxury Rentals Event, an innovative project created by Paola Gheis and Maurizio Battelli, aimed at an audience of prestige real estate owners, private operators and investors, and sector professionals.

Faced with the high potential of this segment and the lack of an event during which to come to terms with dynamics and trends, the two co-founders have activated a digital initiative – programmed for 15-16 May – to create networking amongst stakeholders in this ecosystem: from those who decorate to those who offer services, those who safeguard and manage properties to those who operated in the more general lifestyle area of luxury.

“The data that emerge from the research, the first such project in the sector of luxury rentals conducted in Italy, reveal the importance of the segment of luxury housing inside the vacation rental sector – the founders explain. – An area that no longer has the character of a niche, but becomes a true sector with considerable weight inside the hospitality industry itself.”

Maurizio Battelli, LUXRE co-founder
Maurizio Battelli, LUXRE co-founder

The study shows, in fact, that in Italy alone there are over 35,000 properties that qualify for the definition of luxury housing in government registries (indicated as category A1, the highest), of which about 6000 (17%) are “second homes”: elegant villas, panoramic penthouses, farmsteads, historic dwellings, estates and castles. Considering the fact that only slightly more than half of these 6000 buildings – about 3350 – are already on the specialized market of the luxury rental sector, the remaining group can definitely be seen as an as-yet unexplored potential real estate resource.

Around the central core of this business opportunity – namely luxury homes and their owners (individuals or investment groups), sector professionals and property management agencies – there are first of all the architecture firms, the world of construction and the world of interiors. Design and furnishings, in fact, constitute primary factors in the definition of a luxury home, or its upgrade from the premium to the luxury segment.

These topics and many more will be covered in this two-day program, with in-depth coverage of the objective parameters of luxury, definition of marketing and communication tools for independent management of properties, and opportunities for a sustainable approach. Outstanding speakers include Vittorio Sgarbi, an art critic and historian, Pierre Becerril, CEO of Transparent, Federica Carlotto, director of the Art & Luxury Program, Sotheby’s Institute, and Paolo Bleve, publisher of IFDM.

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