Talenti reports growth in turnover and projects

The outdoor furniture maker closes 2020 with a +26% sales boost over 2019. The reasons behind its success

2021 remains to be seen, but Talenti can approach it on solid ground. The positive results of this last year taken the Umbria-based firm helmed by the Cameli family into a position of leadership. Totally defying market trends, Talenti closed 2020 with a +26% increase in sales over the previous year, reaching the level of 19.6 million euros.

There are various reasons behind this success, starting with the extensive distribution network that supports and represents the company in over 55 countries. In spite of difficulties in terms of export, last year 60% of sales came from international markets, for growth of 31%, led by France, the Arab Emirates, the United States and Oceania. Italy remains the first market for the company, with 40% of sales, surprisingly reporting growth of +17%. Based on these results, for 2021 the company has programmed the launch of Talenti USA.

External causes are undoubtedly connected to in-house investments. These include the completion of the impressive headquarters in Amelia, with an area of 80,000 square meters – of which 20,000 are indoors – and a corporate showroom of 2000 sqm – a project costing over 6 million euros. Along with a growing focus on product quality, on a path of design evolution that brings new collaborations each year with outstanding names on the international scene: last but not least, Jean-Philippe Nuel. This synergy has led to the definitive rise of Talenti as a preferred partner in the contract sector. As can be seen in the new Riviera collection created by the French designer, with its references to the nautical sector.

Talenti, Casilda
Talenti, Casilda

The world of contract projects offers the first, novel challenges for the months to come, thanks to resumption of various negotiations. While in 2020 the company worked mainly in the residential market, several hospitality projects have recently been finalized, such as the Grand Hotel Victoria at Menaggio (belonging to R Collection Hotels) or the renovation of the prestigious Grand Barrail Chateau-Hotel in Saint Emilion coordinated by Jean-Philippe Nuel.

Fabrizio Cameli, founder and president of Talenti, sums it up as follows: “2020 has been a challenging year, but surprising at the same time. The secret of our success lies in commitment, in the dedication of all our staff, and a lean, dynamic structure where human resources can grow towards maximum fulfillment.”