Owner: Marcel Van Poecke
Architecture & Interior design: Droulers Architecture
Furnishings: Custom made by Droulers Architecture
Lighting: Custom made by Droulers Architecture
Floor and surfaces: Custom made by Droulers Architecture
Photo credits: Pietro Savorelli, Guido Taroni

The project for the rebirth of Poggio Antico is still in progress, a fascinating estate on the rolling hills of Montalcino, purchased in 2017 by the Belgian entrepreneur Marcel Van Poeck and now involved in a complex process of reorganization and renovation. A 5-year project to make the place more contemporary, in tune with the landscape. The wine shop created by Droulers Architecture is already in operation, as an important feature of this complex of 33 hectares, on a property of 200, with vineyards for the protection mostly of Brunello.

Nathalie e Virginie Droulers

Nathalie and Virginie Droulers

In the wine shop, directly connected to the production facility that has made Poggio Antico one of the leading companies of the last 30 years of Montalcino history, the refinement of Nathalie and Virginie Droulers, the Italo-French sisters and founders of a studio in Milan, sublimates the ‘bottled works of art’ as well as storing them, narrating the spirit of the place. The designers have worked with local artisans, examples of the excellence of Made in Italy, to create a tailor-made environment.

Starting with the central counter in iron, with foliage style decoration, followed by retro chairs with back in woven cord for the tasting zone, chandeliers and appliques inspired by the theme of nature and grape vines, a bamboo counter in the reception zone with a wall behind it that acts as a frame and a setting, made with jute with handmade decoration that pays tribute to the entire Poggio Antico property (I Poggi, Madre, Le Martine and I Pianelli), with names glimpsed amidst grape leaves. A meticulous effort that relies on a chromatic palette with green and red dominants, in continuous dialogue with wood, in a tribute to the hills and vineyards where Brunello di Montalcino is made. Everything is ‘tied’ together by Florentine terracotta flooring crafted by hand, which accompanies wine lovers on a guided itinerary of discovery of the estate’s vintages.

Poggio Antico
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Elegant and harmonious, just like the essence of this nectar from the earth, the Droulers duo has avoided disruption, formulating an exclusive image that respects the existing architecture. An approach totally reflected in their professional style and know-how, the result of a perfect alchemy of different passions – architecture, for Nathalie, graphic design and French decorators, for Virginie – that has conquered the international high-end interior design market for custom projects in residential, commercial, leisure and nautical contexts. Daughters of art – their father was the symbol of Hotel Villa d’Este in Cernobbio, as its owner and manager, for 40 years, while their mother was an interior designer, and their Parisian grandmother a lover 

of rare objects, also an interior decorator – the Droulers twins like to experiment, in constant pursuit of perfection, creating projects in perfect balance between classic and contemporary. Spaces inspired by the refined universe in which they grew up, constantly driven by a maniacal attention to details and materials, where furnishings and complements are rigorously custom-made by Italian artisans and companies, or selected after lengthy research in galleries, auctions, fairs and shops. Precious roots and cosmopolitan background, together with lots of talent, have recently led to the studio to enhance its offerings with the Droulers Lab line, a collection of furnishings and complements made on demand.