Vondom: a trip to the Moon

The ULM collection now includes the Moon daybed designed by Ramón Esteve. New developments for 2020

Vondom, Moon Daybed, ULM collection

The new developments for Vondom this year are being revealed one by one. Among the outdoor proposals of the brand Made in Valencia, Moon is an original, striking daybed to enhance the ULM collection, entirely designed by Ramón Esteve.

The main characteristic – and the source of inspiration for the name – is the circular form, transforming a piece of furniture into an enveloping sphere for outdoor relaxation. The effect is accentuated by the rotation system of the base.


The Moon daybed is made of two half-spheres: the lower one for the seat, in polyethylene (with optional LED lighting), covered with soft padding on the back as well; and the upper one in woven cord, a protective dome that can be removed when desired.

Moon matches the ideals of the whole ULM collection: perfect balance of design, technology and ergonomics, relying on basic geometric forms: cubes, prisms and spheres dictate the formal rules for a complete setting that includes sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and daybeds. The designer Ramón Esteve reassesses the value of plastic as a “magical, liquid material; it can be used for the most banal or the most glorious objects, with endless possibilities.”

Moon is just the latest creation presented by Vondom, another step in a long path of collaboration with this designer, already seen in the Tablet, Pixel, Gatsby, Moon, Faz, Vela, Frame and Quartz collections.

Vondom, Moon Daybed, ULM collection
Vondom, Moon Daybed, ULM collection