Poliform LA, new design appeal

Completely redesigned, the Los Angeles showroom is the expression of the Poliform Home concept, an inspirational setting and a model for high-end real estate. A showcase on Beverly Boulevard, in West Hollywood, dedicated to every room of the house, where the fil rouge is just the sophisticated Poliform style

Divano Westside, design Jean-Marie Massaud
Divano Westside, design Jean-Marie Massaud

Poliform completely updates its showcase in Los Angeles. Picking up on the glamorous, stylish atmosphere of the city, the showroom on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood sparkles with new ‘design appeal.’ From the architecture to the interior design, the store has been totally redesigned with an area of 700 m2 to stage a new narrative of the Poliform home, with settings that are emotional and inspirational, in line with the company’s worldwide brand identity.

Poliform LA showroom, 8818 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

Poliform LA showroom, 8818 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

The palpable energy of California acts as a frame for the new furniture collections, which are provided with a peerless stage in the heart of what is known as the ‘Avenue of Art and Design,’ the foremost destination for those in search of a sophisticated shopping experience, be they professionals, designers or fervent design lovers. The restyling of Poliform LA has been done by an in-house team, giving rise not to a mere display setting but to a true habitat mood for direct experience of Poliform solutions. At the perimeter dividers in glass, with natural stone and wood for the floors and walls, create the scene; inside, the kitchen, living areas, bedroom zones and closets are arranged in the ample space.

At the entrance compositions for the living area generate a choreographed decor; compositions of great breadth, based on the neutral tones of finishes and fabrics where the rhythm is dictated by chiaroscuro contrasts. The protagonists are the latest collections, starting with the upholstered furniture systems: the Westside sofa (designed by Jean-Marie Massaud) stands out for its upholstered modules that can be combined in a range of different configurations, enhanced by small tables of the same name; or the Bristol sofa (by the same designer), featuring soft forms and enveloping comfort thanks to the double cushions.

Bristol sofa, design Jean-Marie Massaud

Kensington table, design Jean-Marie Massaud

The fertile collaboration with the French designer also extends to the dining room with the Kensington table (joined by Stanford Bridge seating), featuring impressive proportions and a sculptural look. Complements, armchairs and accessories reveal their functional and aesthetic versatility, which extends to the varied architecture of the living room systems (first of all Quid). Bestsellers like the Mad seating (designed by Marcel Wanders) in various versions enhance the living and bedroom zones, and the spacious wardrobes: this is the discreet, private realm of the SenzaFine model.

The core of the home and of the Poliform showroom is the kitchen: the ‘kitchen gallery’ presents the latest innovations, accessories and finishes of the latest offerings, including Shape with its particular molding that enhances the bases and columns.

Shape kitchen

Trail kitchen, design R&D Poliform e Carlo Colombo

The Poliform Home concept becomes a model for high-level residential projects, a real estate typology increasingly in demand in the Los Angeles area. “Poliform LA specializes in very large homes with a modern architectural image, permitting the brand to freely design the layout of its systems (kitchens, wardrobes, wall systems) and furnishings without limitations – the staff at the Poliform US branch explain. – The final results are highly functional, sophisticated spaces, yet with a minimal look, defined by the finest finishes. Every area of the home is connected to the others in terms of style and materials, in a perfect expression of Poliform’s versatility.”

The space is presently closed in compliance with the regulations prompted by the current health emergency, but the staff is available to help clients and to provide information by e-mail: poliformla@poliformusa.com