Agresti’s Identity

Agresti participates in the Salone del Mobile with a rich variety of products, among which ‘Smart Identity’ stands out: a strongbox that opens through the use of a fingerprint scanner and face recognition

Luxury, Technology, and Security: Agresti simply had to be a part of the 59th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano. The brand, with over 60 years of experience, produces elegant strongboxes, chests, and skilfully handcrafted furniture.

One of its strongboxes, Smart Identity, is garnering particular interest. It is an interactive armoured chest of drawers crafted in either matte Canaletto walnut or polished ebony, with an emergency key.
The product is equipped with an interior in white leather, six Swiss rotors for automatic watches, and a secret compartment. The unique feature is that it opens through the use of a fingerprint scanner and face recognition.

Design, style, and extremely high quality are found in the Panic Room, a room that is autonomous with respect to the rest of the house. The version presented at the Salone occupies 12 square meters (550 kg/sqm), but can be personalised in terms of size and materials used.
In its design Agresti considered not only safety, but also a sense of aesthetics: marble floor, polished high quality woods, and exclusive leathers, all of which enhanced by a BOSE sound system.

Finally, Solo Lui, the armoured jewellery case in polished ebony with ruthenium details which, within, conceals a strongbox with a biometric opening and a double secret compartment.