A truly multi-faceted quality defines Pedrali’s identity, a company which, within its specialisation in the sector of contemporary design, moves lithely between home environments, public spaces, office contexts, and even the outdoors.
This is certainly thanks to an incredibly versatile kind of product, the result of a formal approach capable of blending industrial design and functionality, and a manufacturing process that combines tradition and innovation, engineering and creative flair.
The sphere in which this company, based in the small town of Mornico al Serio, is demonstrating its versatility is the outdoors, with products for exterior environments in which the perfect mixing and matching of materials and colours creates a fresh dialogue and a playful synergy with the en plain air landscape.
Within this context, the company’s assiduous study of design is developed through its use of materials and technologies that ensure resistance to atmospheric agents and wear.
Gardens, terraces, patios: the Pedrali collection brings domestic comfort to the natural setting of outdoor spaces and, along with it, an aesthetic language that is in no way compromised – a full spectrum of colours, contours that are elegant in their simplicity, and a style that knows no boundaries of space and time, such that the collection creates a seamless continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Tribeca, a rivisited icon

A rivisited icon. It is thus that the Tribeca collection could be concisely described. The CMP Design studio has, in fact, based its inspiration for this line of chairs on the past, applying a modern interpretation to the classic terrace chairs of the 1960s, with their steel weave: Tribeca is an outdoor seating collection that draws inspiration from childhood memories of summer: a sunlit Mediterranean square where children play, while a woven chair throws shadows of its cords onto the cobblestones”.
The studio’s innovative approach is represented in the new materials used: a solid tubular structure combined with the elasticity of vertically woven plastic strips. While manual craftsmanship and attention to detail make the chair soft and extremely comfortable, the alternated stringing gives it rhythm and visual openness, making it fresh, dynamic, and airy. These qualities are accentuated by the bold colours of the entire collection – made up of chairs, armchairs, and stools in two different heights – which range from warm colours like red, pink, and terracotta, to colder colours like blue and sage green.

Among the streets of the city

The collection’s highly expressive nature was put on display at the international trade show “I Maestri del Paesaggio” in Città Alta, Bergamo, furnishing the streets and the historic piazza.
In perfect harmony with the purpose of the event, entirely dedicated to the landscape and outdoor design, the Tribeca collection set up the ideal choreography for staging the event.
For the occasion it was accompanied by the Elliot table by Patrick Jouin, in its outdoor version with specific finishes and bright tones and the Giravolta wireless lamps (Design by Basaglia Rota Nodari).

Elliot, architectural lightness

The Elliot table – designed by Patrick Join – also calls attention to itself with its soft contours and sleek and delicate silhouette, starting with its column, which transforms into an airy base. This four-lobed structure made from extruded aluminium separates, flattening out, on four die-cast aluminium feet that rest delicately on the floor.
“Elliot is lightness – the designer says – it is characterized by the idea of ​​touching the ground and flying”.
Its architectural allure continues in the round or square top which can be tilted vertically to optimise storage space.
The collection includes three different heights (500mm, 730mm, and 1080mm) and various finishes (polished or painted aluminium and titanium) which make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Socialità at first

It perfectly respects the concept pursued by its author, as a perfect element of sociality.
Elliot fits into both maritime and city landscapes, in both public and urban contexts. Its open and friendly nature makes it the perfect companion to the chairs of the Pedrali catalogue.

Remind, the forms of memory

A name that represents its essence: literally “bring back to mind”. It is once again memory that has woven together the fabric of design which led Eugeni Quitllet to create this collection; a collection that directly evokes the enveloping and sinuous wooden chairs from the second half of the 19th century, with shapes that are as organic as they are universal. Past and present come together in this project. Remind is made from injection-moulded polypropylene, with a unique breathable texture in its seat and backrest, and is available in a wide range of finishes (subtle tones like white and sand, bolder colours like red and green, and grey and black as well). A design that perfectly combines innovation and tradition, comfort and functionality (the chair is also stackable), bringing a light and graceful touch to any environment.