Giorgio Collection conquers Africa

The company specialised in interior design launches Giorgio Collection Africa, a subsidiary company based in Rwanda, which will contribute to the international growth of the brand

Billy Cheung Yiu Tung, chairman della Master Assets Investments Ltd., Master Assets Investments Ltd. e Fabio Masolo, Presidente Giorgio Collection
Billy Cheung Yiu Tung, chairman Master Assets Investments Ltd. and Fabio Masolo, President of Giorgio Collection

The expansion and development process of Giorgio Collection continues. The brand is present in 52 countries around the world, from Russia to China, from the Middle to Southeast Asia, without forgetting Africa. It is precisely in the direction of the immense African continent that the company that specialises in interior decorating has set its sights, more precisely towards Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

This is how Giorgio Collection Africa was born, a subsidiary company that finds its headquarters in one of the most active countries of sub-Saharan Africa.
The choice of Giorgio Collection is easily explained because Rwanda is experiencing a moment of great economic growth (2018 has registered + 7.2%): “For our brand – comments the President Fabio Masolo – the African market is an increasingly strategic asset, which has achieved a share of 15% of the total turnover in less than a year and is set to rise in 2019.”

Giorgio Collection, appartamento a Kigali, Ruanda
Giorgio Collection, appartament in Kigali, Rwanda, Rendering by Alessandro Sezzi designer

Many areas of Africa are increasingly looking at the world of design and furnishing, with a growing demand for services, infrastructures and consumer goods with a standard that is always increasing. In order to better respond to the needs of the market, Giorgio Collection makes use of important collaborations with local players, such as Master Assets Investments Ltd. in Rwanda or Wonda World Estates in Ghana, which has led to the realisation of important projects such as 105 apartments in Oxford Street in the district of Osu 1 in Accra (Ghana), another 147 in the Osu 2 area and the supply of 80 total look environments, within the Century Park Hotel and Residences.

Giorgio Collection OSU 2, contract Accra, Ghana, Rendering by Alessandro Sezzi designerOSU 2, contract Accra, Ghana
Giorgio Collection OSU 2, contract Accra, Ghana, Rendering by Alessandro Sezzi designer

Today the company holds the role of general contractor and stands as a unique interlocutor for its own clients, while coordinating a transversal work team, overseeing every phase of the project, ensuring under its brand all the quality and excellence of Made in Italy: “Thanks to Giorgio Collection Africa, we present ourselves to the market with a company operating in the territory, compliant with local standards in matters of import and tax legislation. We are ready to fulfil the demands of a high-spending clientele who is increasingly attentive to quality and personalised products.
A business opportunity not only for our brand but for the entire sector, which we hope will be viewed with a long-term approach, making a system with all those production companies that will want to put their professionalism and experience to the test,” says Fabio Masolo, chosen to be among the speakers of the Africa CEO Forum 2019, a summit scheduled in Kigali on 25-26 March, attended by numerous Heads of State of the African Union.