Ingo Maurer: poetry of light

The unique creative language of the German brand becomes part of Foscarini, which has acquired a 90% stake in the company. The remaining 10% belongs to Sarah Utermöhlen, the daughter of the famous designer who transformed lighting into visual poetry

Ingo Maurer. Photo © Tom Vack
Ingo Maurer. Photo © Tom Vack

The poetic lamps of Ingo Maurer, authentic icons in the history of lighting design (the designer passed away in 2019), now enter the creative world of Foscarini, keeping faith with their historical identity and their novel way of interpreting light.

Golden Ribbon_1
Golden Ribbon, design Ingo Maurer

“With this operation – says Carlo Urbinati, president and founder of Foscarini – we have decided to invest in the unique qualities of the Ingo Maurer brand, which for us has always been a great inspiration for its free, creative approach.”

Birdie, design Ingo Maurer
Porca Miseria_Cooper Hewitt
Porca Miseria, design Ingo Maurer

Designed and produced with their original craftsmanship and processes in the Munich headquarters, the visionary works of Ingo Maurer will continue along their path of avant-garde research, as the designer’s daughter Sarah Utermöhlen explains: “Freedom, passion, charisma and poetry – the values of the Foscarini brand – are perfectly matched with the creations of Ingo Maurer. After having carefully evaluated all the options, my sister Claude Maurer and I have decided that entry in the Foscarini group is the right strategy, to allow the brand to continue and to reinforce its growth, also on an international level. Thanks to Carlo Urbinati and his team, this operation will stand out as a fusion of artistic ideas, in which Ingo’s light design – a truly unique approach – will encounter new inspirations.”

Carlo Urbinati
Carlo Urbinati

And Urbinati concludes: “We have had the opportunity to gain the honor and the duty of continuing to narrate the work of Ingo Maurer in the world, and to support further growth of his brand on global markets, with the precise aim of preserving its tradition, values and unique expressive impact.”