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Ren Xiaoyong, founder of Domus Tiandi, explains here the mission, values and development plans of the leading brand for imported furniture business

Domus Tiandi is recognized as one of the leaders in the retail industry of imported furniture. After more than a decade of effort and achievements, it has worked with around 50 top brands of furniture and lifestyle from Italy as well as other countries in the world, including Poliform, Promemoria, Donghia, Minotti, Baxter and Viabizzuno, the best architecture and engineering lighting designer in the world. It not only presents the timeless design and handicraft to the Chinese clients, but also explores the contemporary quality lifestyle of today.

Domus Tiandi presents its clients with a one-stop experience at the showrooms located in the downtown of Beijing and Shanghai. The 4000 square meters showroom at Jinbao Street, Beijing is the first Design Gallery in the shopping mall. While the Minotti Flagship Showroom in Shanghai it the biggest single brand boutique in the world. Mr. Ren Xiaoyong, the founder of DOMUS Tiandi and his team present the unique display with the superior quality and excellence in European design combining with the culture and traditions of China. Merging the classic design of the west and lifestyle spirit of the east, DOMUS Tiandi interpret the concept of HOME with extensive approaches.

Ren Xiaoyong and his wife Zhang Xia

Mr. Ren shared with IFDM, Italy about the concept, values and development plan of DOMUS Tiandi. More than a distributor and retailer, DOMUS Tiandi is committed to be the driver and user of the products of these brands. With “eternal classic” as the standard, Domus Tiandi integrates through artistic execution, avant-garde aesthetics and fresh ideas with a unique perspective and innovative attitude, and master traditional and contemporary elements taken from both worlds –the East and the West, to create top-level luxury that helps people enjoy life to its fullest, exploring spiritual and emotional attributes conceived beyond physical form.

Why did Domus Tiandi choose Italian brands at first?
Actually, we didn’t focus on Italian brands exclusively, but Italian brands did attract us more because they are the leader in the furniture industry in the aspects of design, innovation and completion. And they represent the current and future trends of the industry in terms of manufacturing, crafts, and industrial supply chains, attracting the world’s top designers to work with them. When you choose a car, you have many choices such as German, American or Japanese cars. However, when it comes to furniture, Italian brands are indeed the best choice for top-notch quality. Moreover, I always think that Italy and China have many similarities. The two countries all take family seriously and have rich history of cuisine.

Domus Tiandi, Magis
Domus Tiandi, Magis

What are Domus Tiandi’s criteria when choosing brand? What’s the idea behind the criteria?
First of all, the brand shall share the same taste as Domus Tiandi’s and mine; this is the bottom line. Secondly, it shall be a real brand, which means down-to-earth, neither showing off nor short interest-orientated. Lastly, but most importantly, the products shall be timeless and be able to stand the test of time. We sell not only the products themselves, but also the lifestyle we inspire when the products enter the consumers’ life.

How would you describe the cooperative relationship between Domus Tiandi and other brands?
Selling products is only the first step. What we really need is to manage these products. Finding the brands is not difficult for Domus Tiandi, but understanding and managing a brand to make the foreign products a part of the Chinese’s life is another story. We have passed the stage of “importing goods,” and now are in the stage of “making foreign things serve China, and adapting the foreign goods for our use.”

Domus Tiandi, Minotti

What’s the impact of smart living and internet on the high-end handcrafted furniture and the retail store?
Innovation is an ongoing task for furniture design industry, which is not limited to form, but also about life application, manufacturing method and material. The manufacturing industry relies on technology to improve efficiency. Smart living is a trend, which serves people and provides convenience for life. Furniture, with its functional role, also serves people. We can combine smart living and furniture together to create something cool. Home is actually a mini museum that houses all your interests.

What’s Domus Tiandi’s development plan in China? Do you plan to open stores in second-tier cities?
Domus Tiandi’s flagship showroom is located in Beijing, with an area of 4000 square meters. The Minott flagship showroom in Shanghai is the world’s largest, with an area of 2000 square meters. We also have Minotti and Baxter stores in Shenzhen. The industry has developed rapidly in the past two years, especially in second-tier cities, where we’ve seen increasing consumer ability and growing need for high-end furniture. However, the second-tier cities have different dealers, and their overall demand is still much lower than Beijing and Shanghai. The annual growth in Beijing and Shanghai is quite significant. So, Domus Tandi will focus on the existing areas. Opened in 2005, Dumus Tiandi has been cultivating its brand. It’s like building your home, you can’t rush into it. Through years of hard work, professional service and outstand display, Domus Tiandi has made its way into the market and gained more and more recognition from the customers with professional service and wonderful exhibitions.

What’s the future plan for Domus Tiandi?
Domus Tiandi’s business consists of four parts: World’s Best Home Living Design and Lifestyle Retail Pioneer, Tiandi Design Studio, High-quality Lifestyle, Art, Collectable Design Gallery & Consultant, and Personalized Find Dining Experience & Catering Service. We will continue to improve our management and build our team in the next couple of years. This industry is about life and taste, and it’ll never stop developing due to the endless tastes of life. I hope Domus Tiandi will make progress in the aspects of distribution channel and team building, and make our work inspirational.