Mati Sipiora: back to the future

Sipiora, a young Polish designer, is an all-round creative talent. His reference points: science fiction, the Eighties, and a passion for strange things. Welcome into a parallel world full of pop colors

Console “Metropolis”, design Mati Sipiora – Photo © Mila Lapko

Mati Sipiora is a young Polish designer who lives in Poznań and Berlin. He took a doctorate at the University of Arts of Poznań, and his style is influenced by many elements that become a part of his aesthetic universe: science fiction, the Eighties, a retro-futurist taste, contemporary art, technology. All held together by a playful spirit.

Mati Sipiora – Photo © Mila Lapko

“The thing that helps me create is that I have my own personal workshop, where I experiment with forms, technologies and models. Obviously I wanted to create my own style in design,” he explains. “I have always been fascinated by different, bizarre things. ‘Weirdo’ is the term that best describes it. I imagine objects for beautiful interiors, full of personality.”

Side table “Cyborg”
Scaffale/libreria “Pixel”

As an all-around designer, Sipiora pays close attention to the presentation of his ideas: photographs, catalogues, websites – everything is consistent. The texts are shown in low-res graphics, like early video games, while the photography has a touch of glamour, like a fashion magazine – but from the Eighties, of course. His first collection, Futuroom, began to take form from 2022 to 2023. “On the one hand, I opted for a rhetorical aesthetic, that of cold, polished steel. But then I added color.” The result: objects that have the visual force of a cartoon.

Sedia “Spektra” – Photo © Mila Lapko
Sedia “Poodle” – Photo © Mila Lapko

The collection’s first piece was the Spektra chair: posted on Instagram, it attracted the attention of the Polish and European design community. Following this debut,, a design management agency, agreed to collaborate on the development of the entire brand concept. After the Spektra chair came six other models: two more chairs, Poodle and Cosmic (also in a stool version), the Metropolis console, the Pixel shelving and the Cyborg table-nightstand. These are joined by accessories, some of which are in limited editions. The pieces are in mirror-finish stainless steel or in bright colors (from turquoise to bright red), in black or beige. An unconventional talent – stay tuned!