Aran’s “oasis” in Abruzzo

Export Sales Manager Vincenzo Romanelli talked to us about the Superbrands award, the company’s direction and the environmental collaboration with Boeri

A ‘family’ company that works with over 120 countries worldwide; a business that is firmly rooted in its land of origin (Abruzzo) and has over 1500 retail outlets worldwide. Aran World embraces a truly universal dimension, which is only seemingly dichotomous. The company, which is the fruit of Renzo Rastelli’s entrepreneurial passion, has always been characterized by its international vocation, while remaining rooted – starting with its 7 production plants – to its Made in Italy “know-how”, with a particular focus on its environmental approach. Specializing in the design and production of kitchens by the Aran Cucine brand, the Group also includes a Newsform Office division. We spoke to Aran Cucine’s Export Sales Manager Vincenzo Romanelli.

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Aran Cucine won the Superbrands Award in recognition of the brand’s evolution in terms of innovation, communication and sustainability. What approach has the company taken in recent years on these fronts?
Receiving an award like Superbrands makes us proud and is confirmation of our commitment to continually improve our standards. In the globalized and competitive market that we operate in today, we must necessarily be innovative  if we want to promote Made in Italy, with all the responsibilities that this entails. We live in a beautiful country, in a green region full of national parks, and we talk about our lifestyle to all the companies that we deal with. We are consequently admired all over the world, together with Italy’s countless architectural treasures. How can we not preserve all of this? We have therefore focused on eco-friendly materials, on the use of water-based paints, on recycling materials in all processing stages and on solar panels in order to produce energy and much more. As a result, we have received countless certifications that demonstrate Aran World’s culture to our stakeholders.

The Oasi kitchen created with Stefano Boeri is a concrete example of these values…
For us, this is a prestigious, important collaboration that is absolutely in line with what I have just said. At a global level, Boeri is perhaps the emblem of an environmental culture that cares about the fate of the planet. Oasi is also the result of Italian creativity and, in my opinion, it shows deep values that still place the family at the centre, gathered around a table. A technological table, perfectly in step with the times, but still a place where you can feel good with people you love. And – a beautiful final touch – in the shade of a tree that absorbs toxins and produces oxygen.

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Are the company’s new identity and strength also on show in the new showroom in Milan?
Of course. Here, we have put all our passion into showing everyone the Aran universe. It took a lot of work, in collaboration with the Adriani & Rossi firm, with which we have developed a new concept store that we are taking all over the world with outstanding results. This is evidenced by the numerous past and planned openings in the most important cities in the world, which follow the rules established in the Milan showroom.

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Aran was founded as a kitchen manufacturer and then developed as a contractor: how did this evolution take place and how has the company restructured to embrace this new identity?
Our evolution in the contract sector happened gradually, as we became increasingly familiar with the markets in which we operated. Nothing happens by chance. The company invested heavily in order to grow in this area, which has become increasingly challenging. To cope with the many requests, we had to restructure accordingly, while simultaneously developing new product lines so that we could offer a ‘turnkey’ that includes every stage, from design to assembly. The effort that we have made in this regard has been compensated by the satisfaction of seeing our products in some of the most prestigious buildings in the world, from 432 Park Avenue in New York to Vantage in Ankara. 

What does the project market require from companies today?
Above all, expertise and advice. Many customers often do not know how to actualize designers’ ideas. This is where we come in with our large staff of architects, putting ourselves at customers’ disposal in order to find the best formula to meet their requests. There are many actors at a global level, as well as challenges. However, we are not afraid of meeting these challenges so that we can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated palettes in every way possible.

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