Tediber, interview with Juan Pablo Naranjo and Alice Mordonini

The characteristic that makes these products unique is their innovative combination of 3 materials: micro-perforated latex, memory foam and high-resilience Tediber foam. For the support surface, a Tencel® (usually used for baby mattresses) stretch fabric was used, a natural fibre derived from bamboo. Nothing is left to chance: the company takes meticulous care over all its products and work. A mattress Tediber, for example, rolled up in a box, is delivered in record time (sometimes by bicycle), in as little as 24 hours. From the conversation with Juan Pablo Naranjo and Alice Mordonini, it is evident that Tediber’s goal is not just to sell a great product, but also to offer a unique experience that starts as soon as you open the packaging.

Juan Pablo Naranjo
From Leaf Supply, your first project focusing on humanitarian missions, to Tediber. How did you come up with the idea of Tediber and how was the company created?
When we started Leaf Supply with Jean-Christophe Orthlieb and Julien Sylvain, we were developing a new product from scratch as cardboard beds for humanitarian emergencies didn’t exist. The design process was very thorough, and we had to pay a lot of attention not only to how the bed was made (with only 7 kg of cardboard, our beds could support a load of 1000 kg!) but also on the comfort aspect. We learned a lot about ergonomics and what sleeping comfort actually meant. When we met again to start Tediber, of course the design brief was very different (not the same target at all), but the lessons learned on what it meant to sleep well became very useful. The original idea was to create ONE product that would suit ALL sleepers. We combined the knowledge we acquired in the past, countless product prototypes and real-life tests and came up with a unique mixture of high quality materials that satisfied more than 95% of sleepers’ expectations. The final product was a mattress that is firm and cozy at the same time.

What are your, Julien’s and Aude’s roles within the company?
I hold the position of Art Director at Tediber. In my role, I work closely with Julien and Aude. Our job requires brainstorming ideas as to how the brand should be developed in its different dimensions, and my role, is to transform these ideas into reality! In that sense, I spend a lot of time with our in-house graphic and product designer as well as my team at studio Nocc to give shape to new products, the aesthetic aspects of the different campaigns, installations, pop-ups, etc.  Aude is our Marketing Director and works closely with the Communication and Social Media Managers on defining and sharing our brand image, both online and offline. She also works side by side with our Acquisition Manager to ensure that Tediber has a leading digital presence. Julien is the CEO and takes care of everything that concerns business development. From logistics to key business partnerships, he sees big and is always 10 steps ahead. He constantly works on new solutions and products to enhance Tediber’s physical presence in French and European markets. Together, and surrounded by the best team you could wish for, we work on transforming Tediber into a real lifestyle brand that goes beyond just being a mattress company.

Which markets do you work with? Are you betting everything on e-commerce or do you also have a showroom?
Tediber was created exclusively as an e-commerce platform. It’s part of our business model and one of the reasons why we can bring our clients this great experience. We’ve always had a showroom inside our office in Paris so people that came to discover the products could also get a ‘behind the scenes’ view of an e-commerce start-up. We take great pride in being able to show visitors that behind a virtual company, you can find real people and to let them know that if they call us, the phone call will be answered by someone they can actually meet in person. This gives people a sense of transparency and honesty, something that’s particularly important to those who might sometimes be suspicious about e-commerce. The showroom experience has taught us a lot about how people see the brand and experience it. Some people need to touch before they buy, some are happy to discover new dimensions to the brand when they meet the staff in real life. This has given us some ideas regarding new ways in which we can interact with our customers and followers in the future. There might actually be a little surprise coming soon!


Country Manager Alice Mordonini explains that Tediber is constantly evolving, so marketing and communication are two fundamental channels for the company.

Tediber is a start-up that focuses a lot on the internet and social media. What is your innovative approach?
Tediber is a DNVB (Digital Native Vertical Brand), in other words a brand that was created and developed entirely online. Consequently, for us at Tediber, everything is focused on the internet and social media is a fundamental channel.
Tediber was created with the aim of revolutionizing the bedding market, which is why we have a naturally nonconformist approach. From the products to the website to our social media pages, everything is meticulously designed to position Tediber as a young, dynamic, revolutionary brand.

What are your future plans for marketing and communication?
We are a new entry on the market and every day we strive to build up our reputation and brand image. We especially focus on online shopping, PR activities, social media and influencer marketing. Our purchasing strategies constantly evolve (based on a learn-by-doing approach), as well as our collaborations with influencers, which will become increasingly important. We also put a lot of faith in PR activities, which will bring us many new surprises in the coming months. We have some wonderful partnerships that will soon be revealed on our social media channels, along with many other unmissable new developments that will be published on Tediber Italia’s social media pages.

A sinistra Alice Mordonini, Country Manager di Tediber
Left, Alice Mordonini