Hostys Connect, the perfect B2B event for the changing hospitality industry

The third edition of Hostys Connect will take place in Sintra, Portugal in November. The previous two editions have secured this prestigious B2B networking event prominent status in the hospitality market, proving its ability to meet the increasingly demanding expectations of designers and industry professionals. IDFM asked Hostys President Yumna Chabrol how the event has got to where it is – and how they plan on keeping it there

In the world of hospitality the search for the right contact is now the most important mission for all suppliers, the B2B Networking events are numerous: what does Hostys distinguish from the rest?
Jenny Bachelot, my partner, and I have chosen to position Hostys Connect on a luxury segment exclusively. One of the main reasons that draws high quality contacts is the reputation of excellency that our participants have given to our event. We will give priority to those contacts who have the larger number of projects and the most exclusive ones yet to be delivered and to the suppliers who can make exceptional realizations, monumental and exclusive ones.

The quality supplier is essential to enrich the project chain: how do you choose the companies to involve at Hostys? Have you created a compass of the most requested products or something similar?
Hostys hosts the largest spectrum of activities to offer the most interesting panel to its participants. Quality, refinement and ethics are essential in the process of our selection. Our selection process and criteria are very strict. Our preference will go to suppliers who can make a difference in a project and offer new techniques and skills. Participating in many other B2B events is not a plus: our aim is to highlight new suppliers and hidden artisans.

business meeting salle berlin edition 2017
business meeting salle berlin edition 2017

Hotel chains often rely on external designers, yet many of them take part in Hostys: what are their motivations and what answers do they find at Hostys?
Within the hotel chains we approach the Head of Design departments, Head of FF&E and Technical services. Innovation is key in a project: they are always on the lookout for new suppliers and new interior designers.

Interior designers, buyers and developers: what is Hostys’ strategy for merging these three worlds of projects that often have different needs?
One of Hostys Connect’s added value is to meet with the all the actors in the full chain of decision making and they all interact during the event. It is essential to have an overall view of what makes a project successfull.

Let’s stay on the topic of buyers, last year you promoted a debate with three very different guests, two of whom from the financial world. How does the world of investments fit into a context like Hostys?
When I visit a boutique or independent hotels I find the most interesting ones to be where the owner has intervened in every single step of its realization, chosen every single supplier and acted as a client to feel and offer the best experience. Our selection will go towards such profiles.


The next edition of Hostys lands in Portugal, can you anticipate some news to IFDM readers?
The 2018 edition will reveal a new exciting selection of suppliers and artisans with exceptional skills. Some have achieved among the most stunning projects in the world. 80% of the buyers and specifiers have been renewed alike every edition of Hostys Connect: no other B2B event can say the same today. Our suppliers have been exceptionally loyal to us and it is our commitment to bring them new contacts every year.