When light becomes art

Lighting fixtures that can be considered as works of art. With this philosophy Slamp approaches the Scandinavian public, narrating its identity through an exhibition that pays homage to past and current collections. In the limelight, the latest news of the brand conceived by famous names in international design.

Zaha Hadid’s dynamic and visionary architecture results in a volume that is apparently dematerialised, where illumination and lightness blend, defining natural design, becoming almost aquatic. Aria Transparent arises from 50 transparent surfaces, that encountering LED lights positioned on their axis, take on a texture and enlighten the space with a vibrant atmosphere.

The idea of Chantal (design by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas)  springs from the world of illusions, the challenge of transforming a two-dimensional element into multiplying endless volumes. A light reminiscent of waves chasing each other and the transparency of the moment when they thin out, and dematerialise, returning as infinite drops of light.

Reference to the floral world is dominant in the Flora Gold, Silver and Copper collections of the Brazilian designer Zanini de Zanine, consisting of 2 suspensions and a new ground version with thin pillars similar to stems. 60 metallic petals similar to those of the plant Monstera Deliciosa bright embrace the satin light diffuser shaping a bud that has just opened. The glossy finish of the petals creates sophisticated glows in a game of reflections.