The five senses of design

Sensory Design comes to Philadelphia in October

How does design interact with the five senses? Why does an object inspire emotion? How do we perceive objects deep inside ourselves? Architects, artists and designers are taking us on a sensory voyage at Philadelphia Design District, reinventing the appeal of Old City.

© Jonathan Arena Photos

Philadelphia Design District is back following its inaugural edition in April 2018. The event was set up by Eugenie Perret and Claudia Roux, working with a group of independent business in the vibrant Old City district, including: Biello Martin Studio, Kellijane, Minima, Mode Moderne, Galleria Moderne, Northworks, Tappeti e Decorazioni Parisa, Galleria Pentimenti, Petit Jardin en Ville, Roche Bobois, Cucine Hill Society and Galleria Wexler. “We realised that in recent years the area had been rapidly expanding and that many of the businesses in Old City were really passionate about art, architecture and design,” explain the two founders. “We thought it was a good opportunity to create a non-profit organisation through which to showcase the incredible diversity present in a unique part of the design world.”

© Jonathan Arena Photos

Between 6 and 13 October 2018, a series of events will be organised at stores, boutiques, bistros and galleries in the area, which is located between 2nd and 3rd Street in Philadelphia. The event – which shines a light on the creativity and cultural vibrancy on the area – will focus on the theme of Sensory Design, exploring how an object can inspire emotion and influence our individual world view. The theme tackles the very etymology of the word aesthetics, which is linked to sensory-based perceptions. With plenty of performances and interactive experiences, plus 12 galleries curated by artists, designers and architects and a host of original initiatives, it promises to be a week of experimentation, expertise and innovation.

Sensory Design
Philadelphia Design District-PDD
6 to 13 October 2018
Opening Party: 6 October 2018

Second and Third Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)