FederlegnoArredo and Trento University join hands

A new centre dedicated to engineering works in wood has been established: the project “Safety, Technological Design and Evaluation of constructions in wood” will last for three years

A major development involving FederlegnoArredo and Trento University: a new centre dedicated to engineering works in wood has been established. FederlegnoArredo is funding the research project “Safety, Technological Design & Evaluation of constructions in wood”. In the wake of the positive trend in the sector (4,000 buildings across the country and a share of more than 7% of building permits), the aim of the plan is to provide credit and insurance institutions with elements of evaluation so that they can further develop statistics, systematic reasoning and reference rates.

Marco Vidoni, President of Assolegno, explained: “It is an innovative project that our Association very much wanted. The aim of the scientific investigation of interest to Assolegno is to be a useful tool for everyone: professionals, businesses in the sector, banks and insurance companies.”

The project will last three years and will involve two departments of Trento University: DICAM – Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering & DEM – Department of Economics & Management. “The aim of this research,” said Professor Marco Zamarian, “is to understand the peculiarities of wooden structures in terms of the economic impact, then share the results obtained with the key industrial division and the field of banking and insurance.”

It is not the only collaboration in research underway between FederlegnoArredo and the University and stands alongside the undertaking to optimise design in areas subject to earthquakes.