Foscarini’s Reverse Room arrives in Soho 

From Milan to New York. After fascinating the public of the Milan Design Week, Foscarini replicates in his flagship store in Soho the ‘Reverse Room’ special installation, designed by James Wines, with his daughter Susan Wines. A dreamlike visual concept created specifically to contextualize and emphasize the unique features of The Light Bulb Series collection, designed by Wines himself in collaboration with Foscarini.

Manufactured in a limited and numbered edition, The Light Bulb Series firstly represents a reflection on the bulb as an archetype, with its typical rounded shape unchanged for decades despite today’s technology allows a freer expression.
Wines expands the reflection by spicing it with the main themes that guide his architectural research, the response to and the action on the surrounding environment. Reality is then rethought and its boundaries dissolved.

 width=The result are the five declinations of The Light Bulb Series and the light-emitting icon: Black Light, which inverts the functions and structural parts of the lamp, in which the lamp remains black and dark, and is the lamp holder to emit light; Candle Light, two different ways of casting light, flame and tungsten, united to create a new ambiguous and paradoxical object; Meeting Light, a bulb immortalized in an intermediate frame between form and liquefaction; Plant Light, a bulb invaded by nature, and White Light, the original matrix that leaves space to the possible. 


Therefore it could only be an installation as surreal as this that would welcome these variations on the theme. In a room with dark walls, upside down and inclined, with tables and chairs in one color, the pendant lamps come out of the floor, the table lamps descend from the ceiling. For a complete subversion of our perception of spaces and conventions.