Rossana: between material and project

At EuroCucina 2018, Rossana took a pride of place thanks to its sculptural HT50 travertine kitchen island and to a series of solutions of high material value. Which best expressed the concept of custom-made project and the excellent production capacity of the brand

An evocative exhibiting booth, in dark tones, full with the most important kitchens of the collection and enhanced by the pieces of Bill Wadman, a well-known artist on the international contemporary scene. Rossana chose to present itself in this way at the 22nd edition of the Eurocucina Show. To celebrate its 50th anniversary it has chosen to showcase the best of its production, its most iconic and prestigious models.

In the entrance area of the stand, Rossana caused amazement with a large kitchen island, a sculptural block made of Italian travertine and fossil wood. This is the new island version of the HT50 system, designed by architect Massimo Castagna, artistic director and designer of many models of the brand. For the Salone, he wanted to focus on the evolution of the different kitchen models of Rossana, in terms of materials and aesthetics.

“We have taken our products and re-interpreted them, almost rethinking them – explained Massimo Castagna regarding the exhibition concept – The spirit is to keep alive things that have their own logic, their own sense, and improve them from a material, formal and compositional point of view”.


In addition to the marble island, in the stand were also featured the new column systems, the K-In and K-Out islands designed by Massimo Castagna – two “twin” kitchen systems for interiors and outdoors now made with new materials – and the DC10 model, by Vincenzo De Cotiis, dressed in the new light brushed brass finish and with the new brushed-effect shavings in brass nickel tones. Unique kitchens of the highest quality, therefore, are the main feature of Rossana, which has been in the market for 50 years and which since 2009, the year of acquisition of the brand by the Gruppo Colombini, has proceeded along its path with a single goal: to keep creating unique kitchens of premium quality and characterized by the highest quality, in line with the taste and desires of sophisticated users. And through advanced and fully customizable design solutions.