La Grande Muraglia, Outdoor Chaise Longue by NEUTRA

NEUTRA, founded in 1880 as Arnaboldi Angelo Srl in the heart of Brianza, Italy, stands out for its peerless dedication and painstaking focus on details in the creation of premium furnishings for the living area and the bathroom. Particular care goes into the use of fine varieties of stone, carefully quarried, crafted with advanced technologies and finished by hand to generate each piece as an epitome of artisanal skill and a refined emblem of Made in Italy. The year 2022 has marked a turning point, in which the company becomes NEUTRA, acquired by Emanuele Chicco Busnelli, son of the legendary founder of B&B Italia, Piero Ambrogio Busnelli. This acquisition brings new energy and passion into the company’s steadfast commitment to research, conserving a very high level of quality in design and workmanship.

All the foremost collections of NEUTRA – from washbasins to bathtubs, shower trays to cabinets – embody the perfect synthesis between natural materials and advanced technologies. The company’s approach concentrates on elegance and perfect proportions of materials and measurements, weaving together natural stone, metal, glass and wood in a mixture that creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Furthermore, NEUTRA alternates its offerings with the ability to make personalized furnishings, adapting to the specific needs of the client.

La Grande Muraglia Outdoor, Three Seater Sofa Structure by NEUTRA

La Grande Muraglia Outdoor, Three Seater Sofa Terracotta by NEUTRA

La Grande Muraglia Outdoor, Three Seater Sofa Terracotta by NEUTRA

Among the new developments presented by NEUTRA this year, La Grande Muraglia Outdoor is a collection of seating that takes the success of the indoor version, presented in 2023, into spaces in the open air. The collection has the virtue of having returned the spotlight to an original project from 1981, based on the collaboration between the great master Mario Bellini and Piero Ambrogio Busnelli. Composed of furnishings of the highest quality, the outdoor collection underscores the strength and elegance of stone, translating it into a modern, sophisticated image.

NEUTRA thus opens up a new territory of outdoor design, combining natural stone – the core of its true DNA – with its original habitat, to demonstrate the lasting value and force of design. The architectural embodiment of the seat is clear in the supports, which reference the pillars and architraves of a monumental construction, reflecting the majestic presence of the Great Wall with all of its solidity and durability. The bold character of the extraordinary forms, like the central protruding foot in the lower part of the chaise longue, emphasizes the remarkable expressive force of the brand. The collection, in fact, blends the soft language of upholstery with the solid, eternal character of marble – Roman Silver Travertine – to create a harmony of parts of great sculptural impact.

La Grande Muraglia Outdoor, Chaise Longue Matcha by NEUTRA

La Grande Muraglia Outdoor, Three Seater Sofa Zaffiro by NEUTRA

The collection relies on Silver Travertine to add refined aplomb to any outdoor space. Every piece, unique and timeless, aptly represents the special focus of NEUTRA on durability and high quality. The new items in the collection include a three-seat sofa, a two-seat sofa, an armchair and a new addition: a chaise longue. The soft, enveloping lines of the furniture welcome the body in a comfortable embrace. 

The materials chosen for this collection are just as remarkable as its design: the upholstery with removable covering is made in waterproofed polyurethane, clad with resin-treated fiber and lined with waterproof polyester. The cushions, in waterproof polypropylene fabric, 100% recyclable, have been designed to stand up to weathering. NEUTRA, in its commitment to respond to the needs of clients, offers five fabric variants – Zaffiro, Matcha, Corallo, Terracotta and Tabacco – and custom solutions by request, including the choice of the stone for the structure. The cushions can be easily removed for storage in a safe place during the winter months.

La Grande Muraglia Outdoor, Armchair Corallo by NEUTRA

La Grande Muraglia Outdoor, Three Seater Sofa Terracotta by NEUTRA

The same focus on excellence, open to discovery and contaminations with the world of architecture, is reflected in NEUTRA’s initiatives for the upcoming Milano Design Week. In the exceptional setting of the MEET Digital Culture Center, the space for digital cultures created in the Porta Venezia district, the company will unveil the results of intense and stimulating interaction with eight recognized masters of worldwide architecture, opening the exhibition “To the edge of matter. An unforgettable journey” a display path created by Migliore+Servetto as a blend of physical and virtual reality. Through eight décor proposals for the living area and the bathroom, the designers involved – atelier oï, Draw Studio, Foster + Partners, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Mario Bellini, Migliore+Servetto, Nespoli e Novara, Zaha Hadid Architects – present an intense interpretation of matter in its various forms.

Photo © Leo Torri