Poliform: one and only strong identity

One brand for both sides of the brand's soul. With the rebranding of the Varenna division, Poliform acquires one sole, strong identity which sums up the brand's shared culture and values

The Poliform home experience is now even more all-encompassing. And not just because of the brand’s products and inviting style that seems to touch on a range of different tastes and sensory delights. Now, for the first time, the brand name Poliform will be an ever present throughout every room of the house, from the living room through to the bedroom via the kitchen. Starting in 2018, the kitchens division – formerly known as Varenna – will become Poliform, in a demonstration of the brand’s determination to create a more coherent, individual company identity. And the rebrand will have its official debut at the upcoming Milanese Salone del Mobile and Eurocucina events.


“We have decided to create one sole brand capable of expressing the values and characteristics of what is a truly future-oriented brand,” explain Poliform CEOs Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani. It’s certainly a brave decision – to use the words of the three CEOs – but one that falls within a much wider, ambitious project of brand transformation seen as central to further company growth. “We see the Poliform brand as the force that links the past and future of the company and can safeguard the intangible values that make us a leading name in the design world,” they add.
Founded in 1970 on the foundations laid by an artisanal company set up in 1942, Poliform represents an admirable model for industrial entrepreneurship. Specialising in furniture systems and accessories, the brand broadened its horizons in 1996 when it acquired the Varenna brand and moved into the world of kitchens, while soft furniture was added in 2006. Now, all of these different strands have been brought together to create one inclusive, immersive Poliform brand.


“This single strategy and shared vision will lead to more efficient brand communications and will help us to find essential synergy,” they continue. “We are certain that the move toward one strong brand will lead to huge benefits in terms of market coverage, allowing us to better allocate internal resources and make our campaigns more incisive across all production lines.”
And so it will be the Poliform logo that replaces that of Varenna in the brand’s display area at Eurocucina, where it will be showcasing a range of exclusive kitchen solutions. Alongside Shape, a new entry designed by the brand’s internal R&D department, will be the new and improved Phoenix, featuring new finishes and accessories.
Combining steel, embossed sections in charcoal paint and black elm wood for the columns, it maintains its distinctive traits of clean lines and simple design.
There are further new developments in the living area, where the Sydney sofa – designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and one of Poliform’s favourite pieces – has been given a new modular layout that nonetheless maintains the all-important balance between design and comfort. The design is also behind the new collection of Bellport sofas, drawing inspiration from the vibrant, buzzing atmosphere of the US village from which it takes its name. The collection features a number of pieces aside from sofas, including day beds, poufs and armchairs, all of which flow seamlessly into the rest of the living room and bedroom collections, designed by Emmanuel Gallina, Rodolfo Dordoni and Carlo Colombo and refreshed with new finishes and coverings.

Sydney sofa
Kelly bed and Senzafine Bagkok wardrobe

The result is a diverse yet balanced furniture collection that exudes measured elegance, an effect achieved thanks to extensive technical and qualitative development work and a focus on innovation in both product and style that has seen the company take on a real international feel. This is a coordinated collection for the entire home that stands in perfect harmony with the changing needs of the contemporary lifestyle, now with an even stronger affinity to the single Poliform brand.

Concorde table and Sophie chair