The contagious energy of liquid identity

The concept is articulated, combining functional and aesthetic functions honed by a strategic process, based on branding and Redefine Your Habits, an exclusive methodology which enables a virtuous macrosystem of connections between container, worker, community, environment and corporate identity. Not to mentioned between ideas and sensations.
The traditional approach to architecture has changed and in this project it has become social, in line with the company’s fluid organisation, organised around different work settings based on the company’s fields of operation. Four lifestyles, four worlds synthesized by iconic references, within which the renowned and familiar concept of energy is developed: Energy is night, Energy is adventure, Energy is sport, Energy is take easy. The can symbolically unleashes its efficacy in support of the interior design project, deploying its metal shell to envelop forms and contribute towards the grunge allure of a pervasive industrial style, exalted by the use of cement and exposed installations. The relational and multidisciplinary vocation is palpable in narrative informality. An organisational revolution which rethinks spaces according to group work, team work, in virtue of multidevice portability which has definitively liberated us from the single-desk microcosm.
The space is dynamic, starting from the Welcome Experience areas, at the entrance to the office area, an expression of music and entertainment night life, a precursor of Energy is night. The reception is more than a place of passage, it offers a sharing, work, break and recharging experience, enriched by the physical benefits of Red Bull, available in small coolers next to the main staircase. Energy is adventure and Energy is sport are slogans which refer to the operational areas, conceived to encourage the “complex human processes” of employees – regardless of whether they are engaged in individual or team activities – as well as efficiency and performance, by means of the notorious concept of lateral thinking. Here the architecture’s visual vocabulary is unequivocally stimulating, in virtue of fluid and open spatial configurations, as well as the matching of colours and multimedia inserts, contrasts between light, opacity and transparency effects. In this inspirational setting, the request is obviously to create and achieve objectives. However, there is an underlying warning that the pursuit of such objectives should not be done under stress, because energy also feels the need to manifest itself in the more playful Take easy areas.

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Client: Red Bull
Interior design: Il Prisma
Furnishings: Cargo, DVO, Moroso,
Pedrali, Steelcase, Viganò
Lightings: supplied by Hilite: Artemide, Civic,
Esse CI, Fagerhult, Girard Sudron, Muuto,
Sammonde, Vesoi, Zero Lighting

Photo credits: Vito Corvasce