Tecno celebrates Nomos, by Norman Foster

Thirty years of success for the table system Nomos, designed by Sir Norman Foster and celebrated by the Company in a dedicated exhibition

Two excellent names coupled with a unique and extraordinary product: Nomos, a system of tables and desks which revolutionised the table object project. This year, the project created in 1986 by Foster+Partners will be celebrated Tecno in a special exhibition dedicated to the product, the designer, the design and its industrial production. On occasion of the Salone del Mobile week and inside the Tecno Showroom at Caselli Daziari di Porta Garibaldi, Piazza XXV Aprile, Tecno will exhibit original designs by Norman Foster, technical tables from the Tecno archive and photographs, offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a journey of rediscovery of objects which transcend time and trends. The Nomos exhibition will showcase elements which reinforced the  Foster Tecno two-year partnership  which resulted in numerous designs and projects by the Architect, and the creation of just as many models and prototypes by Tecno. Originally conceived by Foster and his collaborators as a generator of a programme for the new Portland Street studio in London, over the years Nomos has successfully embraced an array of functions, developing into an invaluable system, adopted all over the world for collective spaces, offices and work environments.