Creative Instinct

This edition of Book Contract&Hospitality touches down on all continents, brimming with creations imbued with universal taste, architectures and interiors which break down barriers, the perfect balance of beauty and concreteness which emerges in the skilful measurement of spaces and the relationship with time that can be spent inside them

Citterio Viel, De Lucchi, Dytham, Foster&Partners, Heatherwick, Jouin Manku, Levete, Norguet, Schrager, Urquiola, Yabu Pushelberg feature in this edition’s onze de gala, without prejudice to many others inside the Contract Book, 11 stars of design which have proven – as if they ever needed to – their ability to translate their own lines of thought into projects.

The SS18 edition opens with the exclusive content of Color Stories, anticipating 2019 colour trends. The ColorWorks forecast constitutes a tangible contribution for IFDM readers, in terms of research into new behavioural trends on targets, which is then used to develop corresponding colour languages. The Book’s first two stories introduce highly sensitive themes: the first is centred around Control, symbolised by the Ctrl+F button, the act of reclaiming your own free will despite rapid progress in artificial realities. The second, a natural consequence of the first, speaks of the importance and uniqueness of human thought, creative instinct and simple critical sense.

Once more, all 24 projects in this edition distinguish themselves in terms of their singularity and formality: veritable jewels of the project world, in every shape and size: from the awe-inspiring Central Embassy, Bangkok, Cape Town’s surprising The Silo, to the sheer elegance of Puro, Gdańsk, or the delicate design of Carlota, Ecuador. In the heart of the book you’ll discover Bulgari Dubai which opened its doors to IFDM, enabling us to capture a glimpse of its rich yet unexplored architectonic and interior design.

Projects are alternated by Wonders, high communicative impact independent images, rapid advertisements of beauty and absolute surprise, which freeze-frame creations and places that require no explanation. As the ColorWorks experts would say: Keep Wonder Alive!

Mipim 2018 partner, the Book will also début in Cannes, in support of the project world and its professionals during the key event for the Real Estate and Hospitality sector.