The irregular surface of Moroccan tiles, vibrant hues that suggest Africa, material carpets as impressions of Anatolia. Our moodboard for February is a special remix of ethnic softness and a nomadic spirit. With glamorous special effects

2023/02: Folkness
2023/02: Folkness

Rebels, indeed, but with a touch of lightness. The latest design trends mark a return to the taste for objects that speak of other parts of the world. As if our homes were gatherings of memories from adventures on the road. A taste that lightly mingles with everything that has fascinated the counterculture in the past.

But this is not extreme ethnicity, not a return to the pacific rebellion of the flower children. Our proposal does point to a return to the gypsy world, but it is far more elegant and refined. Our new mood also has a soundtrack that pivots on the notes of L’amour est un oiseau rebelle (also known as La Habanera), one of the most famous arias from Carmen by Georges Bizet.

Wall lamp Plié by Il Fanale
Stony by Minotti, design Rodolfo Dordoni

We have set aside an entire room for the beautiful gypsy and her tormented life. The space could only be a bedroom, given the fact that she is a femme fatale. But now one with contemporary tastes.

On the wall, two different wallpapers are juxtaposed to invent an inside-outside imaginary of architecture and gardens, with colors that point to the magic of theater. For our protagonist, a special carpet/canopy and a few accessories, arranged without a precise logic and expressing a sense of great freedom, also with objects.

Nirvana, carpet-canopy by StudioProba x Bower
Marty bed by Bolzan Letti, design e-ggs

The handpainted cabinet, an eclectic piece by the Dutch design duo FreelingWaters, is joined by a sideboard from Storagemilano that is like a totem; the only lighting fixture is an applique suggesting the sunshine of Spain.

The setting also calls for a ladder, which represents the desire to reach that bird which – to quote from La Habanera – “battit de l’aile et s’envola.” At this point, however, we take a detour from the opera libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy, based on a novella by Prosper Mérimée. There is no bloodshed in our story, after all: we prefer happy endings.

Jobby the Cat by Seletti, design Studio Job
Bird Lamp by Seletti, design Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

The curtain rises to reveal a backdrop made with two wallpapers: on the left Esedra, created by Giuliano Andrea Dell’Uva, and to the right Brambles by Riccardo Zulato (both from Londonart). On the floor, Lume porcelain stoneware tiles from the Il Crogiolo collection by Marazzi. Spotlight: the pleated effect of the Pliè lamp by Il Fanale.

Lume porcelain stoneware tiles (collezione Il Crogiolo) by Marazzi

Cast (in order of appearance):
Stage right, entrance of Babel from the Surprise! collection created by Storagemilano for Fratelli Boffi, a cylindrical wooden cabinet (available in two sizes) made of overlaid volumes that rotate on a central pivot.

Scaletta by Tubes, design Elisa Giovannoni
Hadassah sideboard, design FreelingWaters

At center stage, as the true protagonist, the Marty upholstered bed by Studio E-ggs for Bolzan Letti. There are two variations, both covered in fabric: with high or slim borders, on metal feet.
To the side, Stony is a table by Minotti based on the image of stones polished by water in rivers. The internal structure is covered by a layer of resin, which is then coated with stone powder, for a basaltina effect, or powdered terracotta.

Axum coffee table by Etro Home Interiors
Babel by Fratelli Boffi, design Storagemilano

As a supporting actor, the Axum table by Etro Home Interiors, composed of a mixture of materials: dark matte wenge-stained wood for the structure, details in polished brass, top covered in fabric.
Rounding out the case, the Nirvana carpet-canopy in powder pink wool, dyed and woven by hand, a limited edition stemming from collaboration between StudioProba and Bower.

Esedra by Londonart, design Giuliano Andrea Dell’Uva
Smoke Dining Armchair by Moooi, design Maarten Baas

For the righthand portion of the set, the Hadassah cabinet offers a range of geometric motifs pained in natural colors by the Dutch design duo FreelingWaters, on sale at the gallery The Future Perfect.
Perfect for a dramatic scene, the upholstered Smoke Dining Armchair by Maarten Baas for Moooi is in charred wood covered with epoxy resin.

Brambles wallpaper by Londonart, design Riccardo Zulato

Escape route: the Scaletta radiator by Elisa Giovannoni for Tubes in aluminium is available in two versions, on the wall or freestanding, for a wide range of colors.
Special guests: the Jobby the Cat wireless lamp by Studio Job and the Bird Lamp by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, both from Seletti, seen here in a good luck guise in spite of the black color.