K-Life, the solid surface create for well-being by Porcelanosa Group

K-Life by Krion®, a Porcelanosa Group brand, purifies airs and acts against bacteria, making it the perfect solution for bathroom and kitchen tops, residential and contract furnishing units

A “magical” surface which purifies the air, prevents bacterial formation and even eliminates bacteria present in food upon direct contact. The new solid surface K-LIFE, featuring revolutionary patented KRION Eco-Active Solid Technology®, achieves previously unimaginable levels of performance, inspiring an infinite array of unprecedented uses.

A revolutionary version of the solid surface KRION® by the Porcelanosa Group brand, the new K-Life features all the original surface’s properties and is further enriched by an innovative production process which releases a series of activators within the product’s body, capable of interacting with natural and artificial light to activate a natural process called photocatalysis. Therefore the new solid surface features four unique and unprecedented qualities, in the words of the company: “air purification, Active antibacterial properties, self-cleaning and the elimination of chemical products”.

Bruno Deserti, product manager for Italy, explains the meaning behind the latest solid surface’s name as well as its special characteristics. “K-Life is the name we have chosen for this new technology and it comes from K, as in Krion®, and Life, because it revokes life”, he explains. “It isn’t so much a surface as a structural treatment and it doesn’t involve the use of any dangerous substances, guaranteeing nothing but positive results for people and the environment. KRION Eco-Active Solid Technology®, a revolutionary leap by KRION® in the Solid Surface world, aims to confer numerous new properties upon materials, based on the natural phenomenon photocatalysis, without altering physical qualities or colour and without any limits to use. The result is an innovative and world-exclusive product that is in harmony with nature, durable over time and has a direct effect on quality of life.”

The new K-Life technology has been tested by prestigious laboratories abroad, according to the most stringent international ISO standards.

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