Panaria Ceramica captures the elegance of wood

Having joined Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche – the Italian multinational which leads the market in the production and distribution of ceramics for flooring and coverings – in 2004, Panaria Ceramica now offers a complete product range covering all the big market trends, including stone, cement and wood.

The brand’s new products are sorted into collections characterised by their purity and aesthetic harmony, while the colour palette has a clear contemporary focus, favouring neutral tones.

Horizon draws its inspiration from the elegant colouration of marble and the material presence of granite. Available in five different neutral tones, the collection is taken to the next level by the delicate, contrasting veining which emphasises the colouring of the material. This unusual product is available in a range of modular formats and can be paired with an array of decorations and special pieces, in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Chic Wood model features a fresh take on the warm appearance of wood, while the 5.5mm laminated stoneware version of the Prime Stone model completes the collection with a series of large, ultra-thin tiles reinforced with glass fibre. It is a truly hi-tech product that combines the technical attributes of porcelain ceramic with the advantages that come with a thickness of just 5.5mm.

Panariagroup – which has a presence in Italy, Portugal, United States and India – specialises in the production of porcelain and laminate stoneware and encompasses nine commercial brands: Panaria Ceramica, Lea Ceramiche, Cotto D’Este, Blustyle and Fiordo in Italy, Margres and Love Tiles in Portugal, Florida Tile in the USA and Bellissimo in India.