Mutina: more than just a covering

In line with the current way of looking at ceramics not merely as a simple covering but as an integral part of the interior design process, Mutina showcased two exciting products at Mutina Unveils, which officially heralded the brand’s move into the world of large tiles.

First up was Cover, one of Patricia Urquiola’s first experiments with large-format tiles. This collection is the product of an innovative design process that used ultra-modern Continua Plus technology. The ceramic material is enhanced with a mix of micro-grains and combined to create a paste, which is used to make the base tiles. These are then decorated with coloured silk-screen prints featuring irregular figurative or geometric graphic. The use of Continua Plus technology was necessary in order to obtain a compact material, made up of powder, grain and chips, with no added colours or digital applications.

The brand also rereleased the Déchirer collection, again by Patricia Urquiola. The collection was produced as a way of creating a surface that reproduced the opaque nature of cement while maintaining its ceramic identity. Now more than ever, it is undoubtedly one of the company’s most distinctive collections.

Mutina decided to celebrate the success of the collection by releasing Déchirer XL, whose Décor model – an ever-present in the collection since its launch – is now available in the new 100 x 300 cm format. The new model complements the existing range and means that the decorative bas-relief work can spread across a continuous surface, with fewer tiles meaning fewer interruptions to the pattern.