Tropical attitude

The Oasia Hotel, Far East Hospitality’s new “darling”, located in downtown Singapore, certainly does not go unnoticed. It redesigns the city skyline with its striking façade, a vertical garden by WOHA architects, and features the high aesthetic standards of interior designer Patricia Urquiola

You cannot help but notice the original silhouette that stands out on Singapore’s horizon. Covered by twenty-one different species of climbing plants, with lush green foliage that contrasts with the five shades of red, orange and pink of the foamed aluminium panels, the building can be clearly distinguished amidst its grey, rigorous surroundings.
It is none other than the new Oasia Hotel, one of Far East Hospitality’s newest prestigious hotels, based in the heart of the Central Business District. The award-winning WOHA architectural firm, which designed the project, specifically wanted to give it a distinct tropical look to contrast with the concrete-dominated city centre and to enable customers, visiting for both business and pleasure, to “disconnect” in an oasis of peace and wellbeing.

Sustainability, livability and humanity: these are the underlying concepts of the building, which contains 27 floors that open, at different levels, onto three-dimensional hanging gardens that are wide open like large windows.
This design is intended to naturally ventilate the entire building, which also contains a swimming pool, a panoramic 360° view and an open-air garden on the roof.  These well-protected public spaces, intended for relaxation and socializing, provide natural light and air. They were designed as urban verandas, in addition to the lawn – perfect for yoga and meditation – on the 12th floor, which also contains the lobby and the fully-equipped 24-hour gym.

The city’s dynamic, multi-cultural society inspired Patricia Urquiola’s design of the hotel interior. The designer emphasized the use of colour and mixed different styles to make the interior more personal and contemporary, while preserving the identity of the place, because, as she puts it, “when you wake up, you want to know where you are.”
The building’s empty spaces and decompression particularly drew her attention, those “non-places” that Urquiola has managed to transform into new housing and socializing models. She was responsible for the creation of the sky terrace, which tastefully combines the relaxation areas of the restaurant, cocktail bars and gardens.
Other contributions included the unconventional, but functional interpretation of the poolside chaise longue designed by Kettal and positioned at water level; the series of alcoves, unusual meeting spaces and lounge chairs specially designed and scattered to encourage guests to linger; as well as all the natural elements, such as copper and wood, repeatedly used for the interior and exterior. All the furniture in the 314 rooms was entirely designed and customized by the designer for Oasia Hotel and she was also involved in the layout of the Superior and Deluxe rooms. The outstanding Hansgrohe brand, among others, was used for the bathrooms.



Client/Owner: Far East SOHO Pte Ltd
Location: 100 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079333, Tanjong Pagar
Hotel operator: Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore/Far East Hospitality
Architectural design: WOHA
Interior design: Studio Patricia Urquiola
Furnishings: Hansgrohe, Technolite, Hemsley Holding, Falcon Incorporation, Relex Illumination Pte Ltd, TMG Projects, Kettal, Yi Wee Pools and Fountains Pte Ltd, Jinyue Aluminium Engineering (S) Pte Ltd, Kone Pte Ltd, Kimta Electric Pte Ltd, Tropical Environment Pte Ltd

Photo Credits: K. Kopter, Patrick Bingham-Hall