Indelible traces

Those who leave a mark and pass away are always remembered with simplicity and easiness. The genuine memory will follow the name of Alberto Vignatelli in all the many worlds he ever entered in 50 years of work.
A lifetime dedicated to work without pauses, neither mental nor physical, typical of those who have an 'extra energy', who never cease to imagine and create and who drag along an army of devotees.
In our sector, the one of the media, for years Vignatelli's image has been that of a man who is in some ways unattainable, almost unapproachable: just read his curriculum to quickly understand his incessant attitude to work and what experts use to call "the creative solitude" was his loyal travel companion.
There is a bit of Alberto Vignatelli also in the history of IFDM and we feel like small heirs of a culture and a special  way of doing and being.
Alberto Vignatelli already belongs to the 'hall of fame' not only of entrepreneurs who helped to build the furniture world, but also – if not above all – for being an enlightened industrialist and having shared this light with all those with eyes to see.