Abwab grows: more room for local talent

A ‘door’ (the meaning of this Arabic word) onto regional design from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Originally conceived as an independent pavilion for six MENASA countries, for the first time ever Abwab has expanded its platform, welcoming 45 projects from 15 different markets, meticulously selected by an editorial commission including Joy Mardini (Director of JM Design Gallery), Max FraserSheikha Lateefa bin Rashid (Founder and Director of Tashkeel) and Abwab Creative Director Rawan Kashkoush.

The innovative exhibition facility is by the Dubai-based studio Fahed + Architects: meshing interwoven with bed springs visually evokes the ocean’s impetuous waves, or a tuft of coral, or a gathering of clouds in the sky.

Inside, the design works of 45 regional talents reflect the strong cultural roots and local techniques, elaborated in an extensive research in terms of materials and techniques; reinterpretation, exchange, geometry, imitation, craftsmanship, nostalgia and recyclability: these are concepts that trace the conceptual path of the exhibition.

Projects from the Emirates, Lebanon and Morocco are the most popular, followed by Egypt, India and Kuwait, for the first time they will be available for purchase throughout the week.