Inside the Piombo labyrinth

A landscape of theatre wings, a labyrinth where you can lose yourself and revel in sheer texture. Sensations evoked by the installation by the Calvi Brambilla duo embrace both visual and tactile sensory fields. Here the property of the material itself is exalted and “liberated”: opacity and softness distinguish the latest Cleaf surface, Piombo, part of the Hyper Materials collection.

Arranged in the central area of the corporate showroom CCubem,  a play of dismantled and engraved surfaces inspired by Bruno Munari’s informal research for the “Travel Sculptures” and the Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida’s aesthetics develops through two or three-door compositions. This enhances the potential of the vertical application of Piombo, interspersed by a mirror section with patterns directly evoking the molecular structure of lead, which has inspired the latest Cleaf product in virtue of its primary quality: opacity.

The use of innovative acrylic resins applied using a process called Electron Beam Curing, means that Piombo is characterised by low light reflection while also being anti-finger print, soft and extremely scratch resistant. The application of such characteristics onto melamine panels, laminate and edges yields an evolved and coordinated surface for covers, claddings,furnishings and interiors, vertical or horizontal applications.

Roberto Caspani of Cleaf explains; “The birth of the surface Piombo is confirmation of Cleaf’s ability to offer evolved solutions for furnishing and interior design systems”. This latest addition to the company’s range of 64 finishings and 800 decorations, is truly a resounding success.