Bisazza Bagno: three moods for collections

Three entirely distinct collections for the Bisazza Bagno range, a natural extension of the brand which aims to complete its offer, an expression of the creative flair of its three designers.

First up, The Hayon Collection reflects the profound aesthetic and stylistic harmony which has linked Jaime Hayon to the company for years now. An art déco inspired range which alludes to 30s glamour, completed by a touch of Scandinavia glamour and feminine forms, including a bathroom accessory range: console, sink and bathtub elements with tap fittings, wall showers, mirrors, lamps, container units, accessories and objects.

An entirely different style has been developed in The Wanders Collection, designed by Marcel Wanders: a series of consoles and mirrors in black and white lacquered  resin, in contrast with the “pop” design of white ceramic sinks and the white fibreglass bathtub which reinterpret the soap bar as a classic icon. The entire range is characterised by both formal and colour contrasts, in a play of white and black, except for the flower shaped mixer, available in lobster orange or chromed. The range also includes bathroom fixtures, shower box elements, floor mirrors and cabinets.

Lastly, The Nendo Collection is where the poetic language of essential and refined pure lines, constitutes expressions of Oki Sato style, the soul of Studio Nendo. Each piece, from the bathtub, sink, to chests of drawers, seems to be conserved in a box, a distinctive trait throughout the collection. This range also features a wide selection of furnishings and accessories including containers, watches, shelves and mirrors, offering unique dual use potential when combined with other identical pieces. For the first time, Bisazza has used natural materials in these bathroom solutions, such as larch wood, in warm golden blonde tonalities.