Vismara Design luxury and technology arrive at Shanghai

A private cinema hall created for a luxury villa in Shanghai, China, is the latest turnkey project by Vismara Design, a prominent Italian brand in the luxury furnishing sector, specialised in entertainment. True to all projects by Vismara Design, this magnificent Cinema Hall has been developed according to maximum personalisation, honing the client’s tastes and advising them in making the best decisions. The result is an exclusive interior, a space characterised by a strongly contemporary style, enriched by a few elements exuding classical taste.
First of all we have the arm chairs, the project’s crowning glory, conceived and built by Vismara to ensure maximum comfort and refinement, proposed in the Chest model, inspired by the iconic chesterfield sofa, of classical memory. Built with maximum attention to detail and completed by technological accessories, Chest armchairs by Vismara Design are fitted with a special seat, constructed according to ergonomic principles and finished with a European nabuk suede cover, conferring added value upon armchairs.
Boiserie has been developed and applied with the same attention to style and details, embellishing and refining the interior with finely decorated panels, according to new art deco geometries and finished in lacquered wood, fine leathers and stainless steel. In addition to conferring a touch of luxury upon the interior, the special panels improve acoustic performance, eliminating that annoying reverberation effect and concealing parts of the Dolby Atmos system, for perfect acoustic performance.