Miunn di Lapalma for Vyta Santa Margherita

The new luxury bakery Vyta Santa Margherita stands in a particularly evocative location, looking out onto the main tunnel of the Santa Maria Novella Station in Florence, constructed in the 1930s by the architect Giovanni Michelucci.
Designed by ColliDanielArchitetto, the project aimed to exalt all vintage elements and fine finishings which characterise what was once the first class waiting room.
The result is an intimate interior, a suspended space ready to welcome travellers into a rarefied and elegant dimension.

Copper, glass and marble have been selected to dialogue with historic parts and bring to life an interior which harmoniously exalts a fusion of ages.
Original boiserie, complemented by vintage photographs, along with Alp green marble flooring, frame the central element constituting the interior’s heart: an L-shaped counter, covered in a rosé pink mirror. The highly tactile surface, has been matched with Miunn stools, also in Alp green marble, designed by Karri Monni for Lapalma.
In virtue of their slender and minimalist structure, Miunn  stools seamlessly integrate with the interior, echoing the bakery’s characteristic colours in their green fabric covers.
The Miunn seat system, featuring a variety of legs and heights, distinguishes itself with a multilayer body curved with 3D technology, in a variety of finishings or entirely covered in fabric or leather. Exceptionally embracing and comfortable, the shell form supports and accompanies the back with a soft line. Rotating cross, four-legged or sledge bases are available, in satin chrome or powder-coated steel.