Longhi’s haut de gamme conquers Arabia

Members of the royal family, politicians and other senior government figures: this is Longhi’s target audience in Riyadh. The luxury furniture brand recently strengthened its partnership with Maya Interiors, a showroom located right in the centre of the Saudi capital. Inside the prestigious, recently-renovated store, the Longhi space is an exhibition in its own right, which comprehensively communicates the concept of the Italian brand.
«Riyadh, the country’s economic and administrative center, is certainly the most interesting area in Saudi Arabia for our country, and Maya Interiors, thanks to its long experience in the sector, is a dealer suited to the high-level clientele that seek out Longhi products», explains Alessandro Longhi, the company’s sales director. «Here, in Riyadh, our company’s target users belong to high and very high Saudi society, who travel and import style from abroad to Riyadh, along with refined, elegant taste, without ever neglecting their own traditions. The preferred style of our customers has gradually changed over time, from classic to contemporary, but is always geared around luxury», comments Alessandro Longhi.

Longhi’s projects carried out in Saudia Arabia are especially residential: major interventions in villas and palaces, supplying the living area, master bedroom and family sitting area, among others. This has major operational implications.
«Since they are large-scale projects, general contractors and designers are involved who usually make various changes to the concept or to the original selection of furniture and furnishings, with consequences on the overall time schedule.  However, Saudi customers rely on the advice of the company and tend to discuss decisions. Availability and flexibility are key to Longhi’s success in the Middle East, in addition to product quality, materials and attention to detail».

However, Longhi is not neglecting the Italian market, where it is continually expanding. The last step in the consolidation of the company’s sales network in Italy is the new space in the Bredaquaranta showroom in Milan, where it is showcasing its various furniture collections for the home environment, as well as for professional and outdoor spaces. The historic Longhi showroom in Via Durini, which is currently being extensively renovated, is scheduled to be opened during Milan Design Week. Ultimately, China – «a country that is offering many opportunities» – will be the main target for upcoming openings of exhibition spaces for Longhi’s collections.