A feast for the eyes and the palate

White woodland flower or sugar candy? In the Ladurée des Bergues patisserie, a small decorative detail peeps out over the silhouettes of the sofas and embodies the inspiration of India Mahdavi in sweet, concise forms, which are simultaneously botanical and gourmet, for this new store in Quai de Bergues in Geneva, set up by David Holder, the Chairman of Ladurèe, an almost legendary Parisian patisserie that owns five different brands of delicacies.

“Ladurée is a garden of delights that celebrates the encounter between a French grove and gourmandise”.
Green undergrowth, lightened by luminous white halos and pink polka dots, pervades the furnishings and surfaces of the more reserved, private room, which is intimate and perfectly circular. Meanwhile, pastel shades soften the walls of the central room, the Salon Montrose, which is made bright and shiny by mirrored surfaces, open windows overlooking Lake Lemano, soft mauve velvet seats and touches of metallic pink on the tables. Delicate pink, combined with white, dominates the entrance space dedicated to the windows of the high-end patisserie and to sales to the public.
The decorative variety and color variation in the three rooms is also present in connecting elements on the black-and-white checkered optical floor, in the many light fixtures and above all in the almost obsessive recurrence of round or curved shapes: from the lamps to the decorative details on furniture and walls, from the silhouette of the sofas to the reeded pattern of the sales desks, from the large chandelier in the circular room to the torchon shapes of the table bases, out-of-scale candy canes, like the lamps that resemble meringues and polo mints.

This curved, sensual world, which is delicate and playful like a French macaroon, is the latest sophisticated addition to the historic Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, an aristocratic palace transformed into a luxury hotel in 1834.



Client: Ladurèe
Interior designer: India Mahdavi
Furnishings, lightings and accessories: on design by India Mahdavi
Photo credits: Annik Wetter