Moroso, beyond reality

Provocative, intangible, destructuring. It’s the artistic elaboration by Mina Massaro for the exhibition “A decade of evolution in design”, that revolutionizes the formal body of rules of Moroso’s icon to give live to a new artistic object.

A cascade of mirrors: irregular fragments that stand out on the curved, sinuous surface of the armchair, forming harmonious, contrasting shapes. Beneath the hypnotic cover of the Shadowy armchair, there is still a colorful trace of the original patterns designed by Tord Boontje and created from intertwining plastic fibers to evoke African artisan techniques.
Reality, when reflected in it, breaks down through this fragmentation, and people who approach the work lose their formal integrity.
But isn’t this the provocative value of Art?
Similarly, the armchair, strengthened by its new appearance, is detached from the natural function to which it belongs – enveloping comfort – and
becomes an object of exponential attractiveness while also repelling, since it cannot be sat on.