Thinking, loving, living

A bed, a seat, a storage grouping. Rational and emotional, the new products created by Philippe Tabet for Pianca are the result of the year of 2020, spent exploring and investigating new semantic boundaries. And versatility of use

Philippe Tabet - Photo © Andrea Martiradonna, Jasmina Martiradonna
Philippe Tabet - Photo © Andrea Martiradonna, Jasmina Martiradonna

“My biggest fear? That of seeing products in circulation created by me that still do not convince me.” A clear line of uncompromising rigor, that of Philippe Tabet, the young French designer who has been in Italy for 10 years, in a long-term collaboration with Pianca. Through his work, he expresses identifying values of craftsmanship and flexibility. This year, three new pieces have been presented, exceptional for their high quality and attention to detail. At least two of them reflect Pianca’s increasingly frequent attitude of making objects that can exit the bedroom zone – the company’s signature – and trespass into the living area.

Rada by Pianca, Design Philippe Tabet
Rada by Pianca, design Philippe Tabet

Rada is an upholstered bed covered in leather, designed to be far from cumbersome in aesthetic terms. Tabet removes any excess, and like a single stroke of the pen, the soft, curved line of the headboard (in two different heights) appears, continuing to define the base in cast aluminium combined with metal feet. A light, measured set that encourages the user to relax inside a reassuring bubble.

Fushimi Lounge by Pianca, Design Philippe Tabet
Fushimi Lounge by Pianca, design Philippe Tabet

The Fushimi Lounge chair, on the other hand, comes from the encounter between Italy and Japan, “two types of know-how that fascinate me – Tabet says – since the first is a unique language, while the other has influenced my generation with the graphic design of manga comics.” A seat created for the bedroom that can nonchalantly migrate into the living area, thanks to the structure in fine solid wood embraced by natural cowhide, in a perfect relationship of tangency between the joints. Different wood varieties are available, all with an elegant silky finish, in terms of both touch and looks.

Nota by Pianca, Design Philippe Tabet
Nota by Pianca, design Philippe Tabet

Nota, a series of storage elements, represented a true challenge for the designer: to get away from a certain pre-set approach to a category typical of the bedroom zone, making it hybrid. He has found the answer in the function. The glass top allows you to see what is stored below it (magazines, neckties, keys, and so on), facilitating use and lightening up the plywood structure. The encounter between the two materials gives rise to a curve that softens the features, becoming a distinctive feature.

The essence of Rada, Fushimi Lounge and Nota has been narrated in a dreamy installation by Calvi Brambilla inside the Pianca & Partners showroom, which opened in Milan last September.