DL Decor returns to the origins

West and East come together. The contact point is DL Decor. In the artistic reworking by Jacopo de Giuseppe – one of the 20 artists from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts involved in the exhibition project “A decade of evolution in design” curated by IFDM for its tenth anniversary – an iconic piece of the brand becomes the instrument of junction between two strong traditions and the respective processing techniques.

Blackened by flame the console loses its exclusive glory and original wealth whilst getting a new one, carved by the power of the sacred fire. Human gesture is hidden under a black cover of minimalism, as the face of a woman with a heavy makeup that shuns the true state of things.
The sophisticated craftsmanship of the furnishing – which embraces the refined art of carving, the sumptuous
gold leaf finish and the traditional cabinetmaking, all wisely handed down over centuries – is overwhelmed by another historic tradition borrowed from Japan, the Shou-Sugi-Ban tecnhique of charring the wood to make it durable. This process confers an unprecedented artistic effect upon the console, bringing it back to a more natural and essential.
The shelf with its game of reflexes doesn’t hide anything while laying over the surface with a sort of architectural
rhythm, inspired to the Far East as well.


Text © IFDM
Photo Credit: Andrea Sartori