Studiolabo brings Design Days to Brera

New developments are planned for Design City Milano, ancipated by Brera Design Days, which will entertain the public with a series of events and workshops organized by Studiolabo. Two days dedicated to design, from 1 to 2 October, preceded by an exclusive opening night, an inspired end to the month of September. The iniative will be based at the Mediateca di Santa Teresa in Via Moscova, in the heart of the Brera Design District, the city’s creative hub.

«After the district’s success during FuoriSalone, we accepted the City of Milan’s invitation to find a second opportunity to put the spotlight on design in the city – explain Studiolabo’s directors, Cristian Confalonieri and Paolo Casati – At the Milan workshop, we will dedicate time to the comparison, planning and story of design». The underlying force behind the iniative is the desire to explore the existing links between the digital world and the physical world. Indeed, the theme examined by the participants is Design and innovation, from digital to local.

In order to spread the culture of design, the event is not only aimed at professionals, but also at enthusiasts and people who are curious about the sector. The innovative and futuristic ideas that stand out at the end of Design Days will be reworked to develop the theme of Brera Design District 2017.

Already crowded with appointments, the October calendar alternates topics that range from gamification – a reflection on gaming and its implications for the design world – to Visual scenarios, increasingly interwoven with art, photography and the internet. Smart Cities will discuss sustainability in Milan, while in People, design in the city will be considered by experts and researchers. Graphics will also form part of the series of debates, as well as the Hybridization between product materiality and visual communication. After these events, the lively location will host entertainment and a DJ set.