The figures of HostMilano

Riding on the succesful growth achieved in 2016 for the export of catering equipment and bars, bakery and pastry machines and mise en place complements, HostMilano is ready to welcome buyers (over 1500 expected) and industry professionals with a rich and articulated program.

A market research conducted by Bocconi’s MET (Specialized Master Program in Tourism Economics) has produced a result that represents a colored high definition photograph of the hospitality market in the present with a more focused projection for the immediate future: the importance of the “Experience” factor and its strenght also (if not mainly) at the table, the role of the network that has colonized the decision-making process of Italians when choosing restaurants (9 out of 10 rely on the web, 74%  chooses considering if it has a web site and 61% rely on ratings), and also when they have to judge and then share (60%) with their circle of friends. Not to mention the “starred chef” effect in hotels, more and more present. Nowadays customers (and also future costumers) have become a real-time truth machine.

Street Food also shows growing figures.

Technology plays a central role in this sector, aligning itself with the demands of both professionals and consumers and is also a strong ally for the inevitable “Millenials hunt”: real and digital have been traveling together for a long time, smartphones & Apps are the most used tools by consumers for food-related choices, the traces left by research and transactions are enduring and tell the evolution of this increasingly fast and ruthless world.

Considering the definite and positive market information of the buying behavior of goods and services in the industry that can be considered more than a trend, Host 2017’s menu shows up ready for the action: in addition to more than 1800 exhibitors who have already confirmed their presence, there will be a rich calendar of meetings, workshops, performances, training courses and show cooking.

HostMilano, Fiera Milano, October 20-24, 2017