Four points of light

Penta will be participating in Euroluce for the first time since it became a Group. The 2019 innovations are the result of the numerous collaborations established with new designers that have focused attention on aesthetics and materiality

Two years to evolve and expand one’s identity. This time frame was sufficient for Penta to make its debut at the Euroluce appointment in a completely renewed guise. In fact, since the 2017 edition of the event, the company has transformed from a single entity to a Group consisting of four companies. The common mission is to satisfy the demands of the lighting world in all its forms: decorative with Penta, technical with PentaArchitectural Light, customised with P Custom Light and heritage with Arredoluce Milano 1943. All of them, under a single brand.

Storm by Penta, design Bartoli design
Storm by Penta, design Bartoli design

As evidence of the growing appreciation of the brand, several new designers have approached Penta in recent years. “The formula for the development of the 2019 production was to work with a mix of young designers such as BrogliatoTraverso, Gaia Ronchetti, Sebastiano Tosi and Stormo Studio, eager to boldly propose highly innovative solutions, as well as contaminations born from the collaboration between design studios like Anonima Luci & Valerio Sommella and Colzani & Novati,” explains Andrea Citterio, CEO of the Group, who continues: “To this are added new potential icons of design conceived by world-famous designers such as Carlo Colombo, Marco Piva and Umberto Asnago.”

Glo by Penta, design Carlo Colombo
Glo, design Carlo Colombo

The exposition space also presents the re-editions of the first products of Arredoluce, icons of Italian design of the last century present in the world’s most important private collections and design museums.

Many changes and “revolutions”, therefore. However, the DNA of the company and its way of thinking about the products, which favour strong materiality and undeniable elegance, have not changed: “Penta has always paid great attention to the stylistic component of its creations: thanks to the contribution of internationally renowned designers and specialised technicians, we know how to combine technology with a high aesthetic content, able to make our lighting solutions fascinating whether they are on or off, actual furnishing and design objects, Italian excellence in the world.” Penta innovations cleverly combine sound-absorbing materials, new marbles, new lacquers as well as innovative colours, with a more minimal and contemporary imprint, destined to last over time. However, there are also material experiments involving lava or marble dust.

Narciso by Penta, design Nicola Gallizia
Narciso, design Nicola Gallizia

Today the Penta Group is present in approximately 95 countries and is experiencing a strong period of growth and success on the market. “This has led the group to hire more than 70 employees in two prestigious locations: Meda and Treviso,” says Andrea Citterio. The CEO then commented: “To support the penetration of foreign markets, Penta USA was founded in 2018, based in New York, and in a few weeks Penta APAC, based in Singapore, will be born.”