Stone Italiana opens in Milan

After its first appearance at the Salone del Mobile last April, Stone Italiana lands in Milan with the opening of its new showroom in the central Via Visconti di Modrone.

Inaugurated last night, the space wants to be for the Veronese Company, as well as a showcase for the new collections and its long sellers, also a forum for meeting with stakeholders, architects, and designers who can find here a strategic partner for interior projects.

In the central area of the space, attention is taken to the particular container-table in a Craken Craquelé, the innovative surface that revamps the craquelé concept. Thanks to a process of breaking and reconfiguring of the single-colour slabs, the table houses sliding drawers with the range of collections signed by Stone Italiana.

The walls and the floor welcome those that look like quartz paintings which have a wide chromatic variety.

At the entrance and in a lateral location, instead, full height slides allow to grasp the different finishes and characteristics of glossy, opaque, or more rough plates.

The opening of the new showroom is accompanied by the exhibition of Prospettiva Stone, a concept presented at Salone del Mobile, which, through the vision of six designers – Lorenzo Palmeri, Giulio Iacchetti, Arseny Leonovich, Matteo Ragni, Elena Salmistraro, Paolo Ulian – expresses the potential of recomposed quartz slabs. Each of the involved designers is committed to create a coffee table, which compares materials and different design characteristics. The result achieved is a thoroughly kaleidoscopic prospective, a hypothetical capsule collection, heterogeneous in its forms, combination and working techniques, multiform expressions of Stone Italiana’s versatility.

Stone Italiana consolidates its international position with the forthcoming opening of a showroom in London and participation in several international, strategic trade fairs for the world of architecture and building.