The comfort of Luceplan

Luceplan is presenting a rich range of products at its stand at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, where the brand is exhibiting the best of its production. The latest additions include two unique lamps: Garbì and Diade. Designed by David Dolcini, Garbì is a wall lamp that enters the decorative lighting sector featuring a “light” design with a strong aesthetic impact, characterized by an elliptical diffuser.

Made from metallic aluminium or matt white powder-coated aluminum with an embossed effect, when Garbì is switched on it diffuses light upwards, on the wall. The light source is then reflected inside, escaping from the lower mouth to create a delicate arc. When it is turned off, Garbì is struck by the ambient lighting, emphasizing its solidity and gentle surfaces. “I designed Garbì as if it were a sculpture, removing material to an initial raw volume and gradually observing how light slid across the surfaces and marked the edges,” remarked David Dolcini, explaining that he took inspiration for this project from the reflections of sunlight on Valencia architecture.

The second Luceplan product belongs to the world of acoustic comfort: the Diade suspension lamp (designed by Monica Armani) is an outstanding device with a rigorous design, which addresses the issue of acoustics in the workspace while also placing emphasis on color quality and dynamic light. Luceplan has been dedicated to the theme of acoustic comfort for years, investing considerable resources and launching unique products like Silenzio, the previous suspension lamp designed by Monica Armani in this thematic area.

Diade consists of a central body made from extruded aluminum and two molded PET sound-absorbing panels, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The two “wings” are thermoformed with highly sound-absorbent padding, shaped and marked by lines that have a structural and decorative purpose and the function of directing light downwards from the central line or in two beams, or upwards for an indirect light effect. Made for the workplace, Diade has a further benefit, namely its modularity, allowing two or more lamps to be combined and thus creating continuous architectural compositions. The range of chosen cover fabrics is by Kvadrat and the light source is LED.